Student Stories

 JOANNA VIEYRA  - Criminal Justice 

What I took away from the past China trip is the friendships that I made and till this day I still keep in contact with. I love people. I love how we are all different but at the same time we have similarities. But something I always keep in mind is like Madison Voss once quoted "One of the most interesting, eye opening, parts of the study abroad experience is being able to view the United States from the lens of a different country." 

Studying abroad was definitely a great experience!  I would recommend every student to do it and get out their own comfort zone.  You get to meet great people from another country, you get to see a different life style, get to learn about different cultures and food! Study abroad broadens your world view and perspective.  

ANDREA FUENTES –Honors Student, Biology

I would say the most important thing I took away from the China Studies program is a better perception and understanding of China. Many people that I have talked with here in the US who have never been overseas have very negative perceptions of China and its people. They see it as an unsafe place. This is far from the truth. I have found the people of China to be very welcoming and friendly. They loved having us there as much as we enjoyed being there. It was an overall positive experience that I have been able to share with those here that may have misguided perceptions.

Another important thing that I took away from the program was all the new friends I met while I was there. Our class may have been small, but it was very diverse. I now have friends from multiple countries.