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COVID-19 Student Assistance Fund Donation Form


Many of our students were already experiencing food, housing and technology insecurities and were being helped with our emergency fund. We still have that need.

In addition, with COVID 19, we have students who were working multiple service jobs to pay their tuition, books, food and related living expenses who now cannot because of COVID 19 closures. These students are being helped with this additional fund.

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COVID-19 Student Emergency and Assistance Funds
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Thank you for choosing to support our students at Governors State University during these especially challenging times.  

Now that we know the specifics of your contribution, please use the link below to complete the payment information using our secure Touchnet payment site.  

If you experience any difficulties, please call our gift processor at 708.235.7559. We are happy to help! 

Once you hit "submit" below, you will be redirected to the COVID-19 Student Assistance Fund on-line donation form through Touchnet, our on-line secure payment provider. 

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