The Division of Student Affairs is launching a grant program to promote and sponsor community building activities during GSU's new "Common Period."

GSU's new academic scheduling grid aligns class start and end times, and as a result makes more efficient use of classrooms, and allows for the establishment of a “common period” on Thursdays from 1-3pm.

Advanced by Faculty Senate, and approved by Provost Cada, the common period will make a significant contribution towards creating a campus culture of student involvement and community engagement by providing a time block, free from class conflicts. During the Common Period, GSU can now schedule scholarly events and speakers that appeal to a broad audience without class conflicts. Additionally, the Academic Resource Center can schedule study groups, the Counseling and Wellness Center can host support groups, students can meet to conduct work for group projects, and student organizations can host open meetings and events.

Download the Grant Application: (Word Form) (Online Form)

Grant questions, or completed applications, may be directed to:
Lisa Carra, Assistant to the Dean of Students
Office: C- 1310
Phone: (708) 235-7595
E-mail: lcarra@govst.edu


  • Common Period Grant Criteria


    Audience Scope and Size: Since the Common Period Grants are funded with student fee money, programs must be proposed with students as a primary audience. Requests will first be evaluated on their likelihood of garnering an audience of the size commensurate with finds requested (see below). Consideration will be given to programs that complement events currently on the master calendar. Please remember to check the calendar for other major events in order to avoid conflicting events, see: https://www.govst.edu/calendar.aspx.

    Grants are awarded for the express purpose of community building and student engagement during the University's new Common Period and must be held on Thursday's with any of the following blocks:

    • 1-3pm
    • 1-2pm
    • 2-3pm

    Successful grants must:

    • have students as the central focus of community building activities.
    • be designed to reach 50 or more students for $500 range; 100 or more students for $1,000 range.
    • complete an evaluation and a final budget one week after event.
    • must include social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and use the #GovState hashtag.

  • Grant Requirements


    • Grant initiatives can be used to fund community building programs sponsored by academic and administrative departments or recognized student organizations for the specific purpose of building community and student engagement during Common Periods during the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 Semesters. 
    • Grants can be requested in two finding categories, those under $500 and under $1,000. Requests under $500 must be submitted three weeks before the planned date and those under $1,000 must be submitted before six weeks before the event date. Grant requestors will receive notification of approval within a 5 business days of submitted.
    • Events at which alcohol is available will not be considered for funding.
    • Events held as fundraisers for the purpose of generating revenue for a student group are not eligible for funding.
    • Funded programs must acknowledge the grant in all advertising and publications for the event.
    • Grant awards will be based solely on the content of your application.
    • Grant funding is limited and no further grant applications will be accepted in a given fiscal year when funding has been fully given out.


  • Grant Review Committee


    Common Period Grants Review Committee: