Mindfulness in the Helping Professions (Post - BA)

The Mindfulness in the Helping Professions Certificate Program is a 14-credit hour multidisciplinary program offered by the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Education.

The program combines classroom instruction, labs, and integrative seminars. It will prepare post-master's level practitioners and advanced graduate students to integrate mindfulness practice and theory into their clinical practice. Although mindfulness has been practiced for centuries, psychotherapy has more recently incorporated this evidence-based practice to enhance healing and psychological unfolding.

If you are interested in applying to the Mindfulness in the Helping Professions Certificate Program, we ask that you first read the Instructions for Certificate Application Process. We suggest that you begin the process early and follow up with the individuals and institutions who must submit supporting documentation on your behalf.

Note:  Please Do Not Use Google Chrome to download these documents. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Remember:  Please read the Instructions for Certificate Application Process first!

Total - 14 Hours



To receive the Mindfulness in the Helping Professions Certificate each student must:

  1. Be admitted to the certificate according to the admission requirements;
  2. Complete the six required courses with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0;
  3. Remove all grades of incomplete by the date that the certificate is to be completed;
  4. Complete all coursework within two (2) years from the date of admission;
  5. Meet all financial obligations to the university; and
  6. Submit an application for award of the certificate.

 View the Complete Certificate Requirements in the Academic Catalog