With a B.A. in Political Science, you will be prepared to apply what you learn in class to solving real-world problems through analysis, activism, advocacy and civic engagement.

Studying political science puts you at the center of the world. Your focus becomes global. Your understanding of current events and trends increases and your analytical skills are developed.

Outstanding Preparation
As an undergraduate in Political Science at GSU, your studies will emphasize civic and community engagement. Your course work centers on American government and policy, comparative political analysis, international and global politics, and political theory, all with a social justice emphasis.

In each area of study, you will understand the interdependence of social, economic and governmental structures, the impact of government action and/or inaction, the creation and enactment of governmental policies and the influence of the private sector on government and vice versa.

Choice of Careers
As a graduate, you will have the practical skills for employment in public service, political advocacy and the private sector. Graduates with this degree have careers in government and criminal justice, as legal assistants and writers and with political parties, lobbying groups, research organizations, nonprofits, international business and public interest groups. You will also acquire the theoretical understanding necessary for graduate work in the social science disciplines, education and the legal profession.

Program Fact Sheet

Admission, Degree and Graduation Requirements

Admission, Degree and Graduation Requirements

For a listing of recommended course work, please see the GSU transfer guides.

Please meet with your faculty or academic advisor after admission to complete your study plan.

Advisor Information

Lisa Helm
Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support Services