The nation's three best jobs in terms of income and other factors - the list is headed by mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians - are careers suited for math majors. Of the study's top 10 jobs, three others also require extensive math skills.

Source: A Comprehensive Ranking of 200 Different Jobs, 2009 

In Demand
In our highly technical world, the demand continues to grow rapidly for qualified people who can understand and use the language of mathematics. A command of mathematical skills and processes enables you to deal efficiently and effectively with complex problems and large amounts of data to solve practical problems or propose theoretical alternatives. The importance and uses of modern mathematics has never been as great. 

Outstanding Preparation
GSU's undergraduate major in mathematics offers a balance between theoretical and applied study, with the general objective of providing you with a substantial and broad background in mathematics. You have the opportunity to develop skills in logical thinking, problem analysis, problem-solving, and computer usage that prepares you for graduate studies in a number of academic areas. 

A Choice of Careers
Successful completion of coursework in the mathematics major prepares you for employment in diverse careers where mathematical skills are required, including medicine, business, education, government, computer science and engineering.

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