Learn the knowledge and skills you need for both current and future job markets with an M.S. in Mathematics from Governors State University. With this degree, you will master two of the most valued workplace attributes - the ability to think critically and to solve problems.

The Society of Actuaries describes the work of an actuary as a combination of the "skills of a business executive, mathematician, and financial and investment manager. They address big problems with well-reasoned solutions that make business better. "
Source: “Society of Actuaries Website” www.soa.org 2015

In Demand
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is experiencing rapid growth. What’s more, the actuarial field is global. Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-2013, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Outstanding Preparation
The program emphasizes problem solving and mathematical inquiry. Coursework covers a wide range of mathematics including abstract algebra, probability and statistics, combinatorics, advanced calculus, the history of mathematics, financial mathematics, and mathematical modeling, while emphasizing both the applied and theoretical aspects of these disciplines. The use of the most current mathematics technology will help you analyze and solve problems like an experienced mathematician. The graduate mathematics program with a sequence in actuarial sciences qualifies you to take the initial two actuarial examinations.

Unlimited Opportunity
Successful completion of coursework in the mathematics – actuarial major prepares you for employment in diverse careers where mathematical and business skills are required, including business, education, finance, government, healthcare and insurance.

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