Criminal Justice Major

Criminal Justice Major:  One of the Many Study Options Available at GSU

A criminal justice major is a smart choice as it is an extremely versatile and in demand field that provides exciting job opportunities.  The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Division of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a high-quality undergraduate program where students can earn a major or minor in criminal justice.  We also offer a M.A. in Criminal Justice and a Certificate in Restorative Justice.

Our undergraduate course work provides practical, real-life experiences where you will learn to become an analytical, influential and conceptual thinker prepared to positively address today's challenges.  The program gives students a solid foundation in restorative and community-based approaches to crime and social problems.

Criminal Justice Major Offers a Choice of Quality Concentrations

Students pursuing a criminal justice major have a choice of 15 hours from one of the following three concentrations:  Law Enforcement and Security, Corrections and Punishment, or Community-based and Restorative Justice.  Another 22-27 hours of upper-division elective credits are required in criminal justice or related courses. 

In addition to the Community-based and Restorative Justice Concentration, we also offer a five-course Restorative Justice Certificate.  The program is ideal for students interested in working collaboratively in their community and work place on restorative approaches to conflict resolution and peacemaking.  The program incorporates the historical, global and cultural influences on contemporary restorative justice programs and practices.   Students are trained in restorative justice techniques that allow certificate holders to confidently practice restorative justice.

Students seeking a Restorative Justice certificate should be aware that the program has a slightly more stringent entrance requirement than for the general criminal justice major.  GSU students must have successfully completed 15 hours of upper division course work with an overall C+ (2.7 GPA) average or better for all courses taken at GSU or demonstrate abilities earned through life or work experience. 

We strongly recommend that criminal justice majors complete a minor that complements their degree and career objectives.  Suggestions include minors such as addictions studies, business administration, gender studies, public administration, or psychology.

For more information and complete requirements please see the Criminal Justice web pages.

We invite you to learn more about our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  In every college we have outstanding programs and gifted professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  Please contact a GSU advisor to find out what steps to take to become a criminal justice major. 

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