GSU Faculty Bargaining FAQs

April 18, 2023

Dear GSU Community,

Governors State University is very pleased to announce that it has reached a tentative agreement with the University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100 and that the strike of its faculty and academic support professionals has been suspended resulting in their return to work on Tuesday, April 18. The tentative agreement accomplishes the goals of both parties—an agreement that recognizes the valuable contributions of the faculty and academic support professionals to the University while at the same time recognizing the University’s fiscal realities.

We welcome the faculty and staff back and look forward to continuing our work together to meet the University’s mission of serving our students.


Cheryl F. Green, Ph.D.

General Questions

Are GSU and GSU UPI still in negotiations?

Yes, Governors State University remains focused on good faith contract negotiations with UPI. We have made substantial progress and remain optimistic we can reach an agreement that is fair to our hardworking faculty and responsible to our students and the institution. We look forward to continuation of bargaining.

Will there by any disruption to the Family Development Center in the event of a strike?

No, the Family Development Center will continue to serve our GSU community.

Who do I contact with questions?

  • • Classes: Students should direct their questions to department chairs.

  • • Employees: Contact the Department of Human Resources.


Will dining services be impacted?

No, dining services will continue at GSU.

Will the bookstore remain open?

Yes, the bookstore will remain open.

Will the athletics and recreation center remain open?

Yes, athletics and recreation will remain open.

Will student employment be impacted?

Student employment will continue, please work with your department for scheduling.

Are campus operations open during the strike?

All campus operations will be functioning as usual.

Will courses be impacted by the strike?

Classes will continue during the strike. Some classes may be taught by another instructor. Student should plan to attend classes as planned. Governors State will make every effort to notify students by email, text, and voice messaging if a class is canceled. GSU will monitor whether faculty intend to teach assigned classes and attendance will be taken at each class.

Will I be able continue or sign up for tutoring, writing center, learning strategies, and academic recovery services?

Yes, Academic Resource Center services will continue to be available for students.

Academic Resource Center
Phone: 708.534.4090

Will I still be able to apply or complete my admissions to GSU?

Yes, Admissions will continue to accept and process applications. The Office of Admissions will remain open, both in person and online services are available.

Can I schedule a pre-admissions appointment?

Yes, we offer in person and online appointments to assist student in choosing GSU.

Will the Office of Admissions be hosting campus-based events?

Yes, Admissions will continue to host campus-based events (tours, walk up assistance, admitted student days, open houses, etc.).

I am an Amazon employee; can I talk to someone about Amazon Career Choice?

Yes, Admissions can assist you with the enrollment process and put you in contact with Craig Berry, Associate Director of Admissions and our Amazon Career Choice Liaison.

If I need assistance, will the Office of the Dean of Students be available?

Yes, the Office of the Dean of Students will continue to advocate for and with students to provide access across a wide spectrum of areas. The office is located C-Building, Room 1310 and will keep scheduled hours to assist students, staff and faculty.

Can new and continuing students still receive assistances with the Dual Degree Program (DDP)?

Yes, the DDP Office will be here to assist you with your transfer needs.

Will someone be on campus to assist me with Career Services?

Yes, the Career Services Office will be here to assist you with your career needs.

Will the Counseling and Wellness Center be open to assist me with my health needs?

Yes, the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) will continue to assist students, both on campus and remotely. The CDC will provide students with the necessary tools, resources, and skills necessary to support health decision-making and to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Can I still receive assistance from Financial Aid?

Yes, the Office of Financial Aid will remain open to assist with financial aid, scholarships, financial literacy and much more.

Will the Graduate Admissions Office be open, and can someone assist me with applying?

Yes, the Graduate Admissions Office will be open for in person and online assistance.

Can I still meet with someone from the Housing Office?

Yes, the Housing Office will be open for in person and online assistance.

Will the Office of International Services (OIS) remain open?

Yes, OIS will remain open to assist current and new students with I20, visa status, admissions, Optional Practical Training (OPT) and study abroad issues.

Will the Registrar’s Office remain open?

Yes, Registrar’s Office will remain open to assist with enrollment, change of major, degree audit, transcripts, graduation, immunization and much more.

Will the Student Disability Services be able to assist with determining my eligibility and accommodations if there is strike?

Yes, Student Disability Services will remain open to assist you with your needs.

Will the TRIO Education Opportunity Center (EOC) be operating during the strike?

Yes, the TRIO EOC will remain open to assist all students regardless if they attend GSU or another college/university. EOC services and events will continue as planned.

Can I still receive assistance from the Veterans Resource Center?

Can I still participate in student activities?

Yes, the Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Programs Office, programs, events, and scheduled meetings will continue.

Who should I contact for undergraduate advising?

Undergraduate students should direct questions to, or 708.534.8043 for assistance. They can also visit the UAAC in C3385 if they are on campus.

Who should I contact for graduate advising?

Try to contact your advisor first; if not available, contact the division chair for assistance.


Will remote work schedules change?

Yes, to ensure the business operations of the university, remote work schedules will be paused. Please contact your supervisor for specifics. Employees whose position is fully remote, as identified by their job description, will be able to continue work remotely.

Will computer access be impacted if a work stoppage happens?

In the event of a work stoppage, employees who do not show up for work will not have access to GSU systems, including email.

If a UPI member returns to work, will they receive pay from when they were out?

No, retro pay will not be applied for any hours not worked.

Can I return to work during the strike as a UPI member?

Yes, you can return to work at any time, it is your individual decision.

Can I teach class If I am a UPI Member?

Yes, campus will remain open if you want to continue working.

Faculty & Staff: Pay and Benefits

Pay and benefits facts for GSU UPI-represented employees who strike

The pay and benefits policies outlined below align with employment law.

  • Pay: Unit A and Unit B members who strike are not paid for the time they are on strike. Paychecks will be issued only for those employees eligible to receive pay (i.e., those who worked during the pay period).

  • Benefits: Employees on strike who are absent from work for at least one full pay period will not (unless otherwise agreed) accumulate vacation, sick leave or other earned benefits.

  • Benefit - Health Care: Striking members’ health insurance will continue only if they pay all premiums, including the University-paid portion of the premium, after 30 days of non-pay status, unless the reason is disability, educational, sabbatical or military leave with pay and benefits.

  • Unemployment: Striking members are not eligible for unemployment compensation.

  • Temporary Replacement: Striking members can be temporarily replaced in order for GSU to fulfill our obligation to our students to do whatever we legally can to continue to provide core and essential services.

What is GSU’s policy on vacation and sick leave during the strike?

The pay and benefits policies outlined below align with employment law.

  • Sick Time: Employees calling in sick during a strike are requested to provide proof. Please contact the Department of Human Resources for the protocols of submitting documentation.

  • Vacation or Other Paid Leave: As always, all requests for leave must be submitted in accordance with the terms of GSU HR policies and/or your collective bargaining agreement. Please work with your supervisor or manager on any leave request you may have, as requests should be consistent with the operating needs of the University to ensure coverage by your colleagues.

Status/Negotiation History

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