The Center for the Junior Year is an innovative center designed to break down barriers to student academic success. Working with academic advisors and trained peer success coaches, students have a “safe zone” to share their concerns, personal and professional, and “design” solutions that fit their particular educational circumstance. The peer success coaches and academic advisors help students develop a better understanding of how to design the five basic components of their undergraduate education: integrating study in general education, study in the major, electives, leadership opportunities, and experiential learning opportunities specific to students’ academic interest. From their work in the CJY, students are better able to engage with program advisors, faculty, career services, and student leadership.

Breaking down barriers to student academic success means more than helping the student directly. CJY also provides professional development to faculty on how to better mentor students to help them reach their full potential. We also work with Dual Degree Program staff and use technology to provide services to DDP students at the community colleges and make their GSU experience more seamless. We work with multiple offices on campus (career services, academic advising, honors program, student services) to provide holistic educational solutions to serve the student before, during, and beyond the junior year.