Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Center for the Junior Year services and peer mentors are available online. The Center for the Junior Year engage and empower students in exploring and clarifying their interests and goals, overcoming personal and academic challenges, and connecting to campus resources and opportunities.



Students working through the CJY understand what it means to work with a mentor, how to approach individuals to be mentors, and the need to have an “advisory board” of mentors.

Finally, students develop a better understanding of how to design the five basic components of their undergraduate education: integrating study in general education, study in the major, electives, leadership opportunities, and experiential learning opportunities specific to students’ academic interest. From their work in the CJY, students are better able to engage with program advisors, faculty, career services, and student leadership.

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Why I Recommend Center for the Junior Year:

Monique Ocanas

CJY is more than just an advising office; the conversations discussed in this office are electrifying and intellectually stimulating, and the environment supportive, nourishing, and challenging.

Ariel Donegan

When I first entered the famed C1321 office, I wasn't sure what to expect. The duo would advise me and listen to me rant about my hopes and dreams and they knew that what I was saying, was not what I wanted. After listening to a speech by the pair, I finally had my "a-ha" moment. I was a business major that had zero interest in business. My dream was to have a career in the media field. After Dr. Laff and Mrs. Colquitt finally got my true passion out of me, I instantly began working toward my goals. Under the tutelage of the dynamic duo, I became a peer mentor for the Center for Junior Year and began working in my chosen field. I appeared on television on twelve occasions, received my first production credit and will soon receive my B.A in Media Communications. None of this would have been possible, had I not walked into the Center for Junior Year.

Isaiah Moore

The Center for the Junior Year has provided me with something I find many other places wont provide: honesty. Through their care and close cooperation I have been able procure multiple internships that otherwise I still would be searching in search of. The center for junior year aided me with researching and applying to The Washington Center, which is a program that is partnered with many organizations in D.C. to provide academic internships to competitive students. The center for junior year makes possibilities realities but only if you are willing to put in the work!

Regilyn Smith

My thoughts on the Center for the Junior Year, before coming to CJY I was in a what I like to explain as a “safe major” in terms of my focus on undergraduate degree. Being involved with the CJY have challenged me to go after what I essentially wanted, as well to set clear conscious direct goals that I have passion for as well as purpose in society. And, not allowing fear to halt my life goals. The CJY has taught me that a dream without a plan is just a dream, but a dream with a plan and action that follows it generates success. The Center for the Junior year has taught me to face my fears instead of trying to erase them as well not allowing myself to get contented with a career that I didn’t have a true passion for. My goals are directly aligned with my life, and influence a change from within that reflect outward.