Xinghua Gao, Ph.D.

  Office Location: G 193
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  College: CBPA



I am an assistant professor of accounting in the College of Business and Public Administration. My favorite areas of teaching are managerial/cost accounting and financial accounting, and my current research interests include corporate public disclosure and information environment, corporate governance, executive compensation and dividend policy.

It has been an exciting and challenging experience working at GSU. First, I have the opportunity to grow with students from diverse background and commit myself to high quality teaching to help them achieve academic success. I am extremely proud of my students who showed great eagerness in learning new knowledge, improving their abilities and acquiring cutting-edge skills. Working with the students with my teaching and mentoring activities helps stimulate their interest in the study of accounting and facilitate the realization of their academic and/or career aspirations.

Second, I have the opportunity to grow with the university. I am honored to be an eye-witness of the historic transformation GSU is undergoing from an upper level institution to a full blossoming four-year university, and from its primary focus on teaching to a balance of teaching and research with increasing appreciation of scholarly activities.

Scholarly activities extend our knowledge about, and understanding of, the world we are living in. It is also highly important that we integrate innovative research with teaching and mentoring. I have been an ardent research in the fields of accounting and finance. I was one of the recipients of the Wohl Publishing Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance at the Southwestern Finance Association Meeting in 2011. One of my papers has been published in Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. Many of my papers have been presented at referred national conferences of American Accounting Association (AAA). Academic research enables me to get acquainted with the latest advancements in the discipline and share them with the students both inside and outside classroom.

In addition to contributing to the growth of students and the university through high quality teaching and research, I also render my services to the college and the university. I have been active member of the Curriculum Committee and the Assessment Committee at CBPA aimed at improving students’ learning experience and outcome through the implementation of interventions. I have been elected as a member of the University Faculty Senate and serve on the Educational Policies Committee and Human Resources Committee for the good of our university community at large.

Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Gao