Dr. Lisa Chang

  JEDUC10-102020 Adjunct Faculty
  708-534-4373 ext. 4373
  Office Location: G-322
  Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  College: COE
  Division of Education

GSU is my first and will be my last university I have served as a full time mathematics Education professor. Teaching mathematics and mathematics education courses for both graduate and undergraduate students, who are teachers or want to be teachers, has been a very fulfilling experience.  This is especially rewarding since these courses focus on mathematics, a subject which is not a particular favorite of many teachers in other educational fields. Teaching courses for educators or future educators who are not comfortable teaching mathematics and who serve or will serve under-privileged children or children with special needs has always been my passion and priority.  Additionally, the fact that many of my GSU students have to work while taking courses really touches my heart and strengthens my commitment to help them fulfill their dreams.

I earned my Ph.D. from Cornell University in Mathematics Education.  The courses I have taught include mathematics content courses for our undergraduate students and mathematics education courses in M.A. in Education with Mathematics Education concentration.  Currently I serve as the coordinator of Mathematics Education in College of Education and as a committee member that monitors students’ academic growth.  I have published various articles focusing on mathematics pedagogy, teaching mathematical gifted students and how in-service education relates to higher education.  I was awarded several grants including Teacher Training Grant from Exxon Educational Foundation and the Use of Graphing Calculators in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom, awarded by the Hewlett Packard Company.  I had conducted several research projects focusing on teachers of at-risk students; women and mathematics anxiety; the effects of technology-assisted instruction on students’ mathematics achievement and their attitudes toward mathematics; and the effects of parental socialization upon child’s attitude toward mathematics and achievement in mathematics.

As a professor in Mathematics Education, I envision and strive to contribute more practical community services in training competent and dedicated teachers so that they can provide quality mathematics education in their elementary or middle school classrooms, especially for those well-deserved, underprivileged children.   During my tenured years, I have done numerous presentations at national and regional levels.  More than fifty in-services and after-school workshops focusing on the development and implementation of spiral mathematics curriculum, aligned with ISAT and Illinois Mathematics Common Core Standards; Implications and implementation of NCTM curriculum and evaluation standards; pedagogies in teaching various mathematics areas; constructing effective formative mathematical assessments;  and observations and conferences with teachers who had been observed through grant projects.  My most rewarding experiences have been watching teachers grow professionally and their students learning mathematics enthusiastically.