Kieran Aarons, Ph.D.

  Visiting Assistant Professor
  Office Location: E Building 2540
  Office Hours: M/W 10:30am
  College: CAS

Philosophy - Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies - Bachelor of Arts


My research areas lie in contemporary continental philosophy, social and political philosophy, ethics, and social movement theory. My focus is on themes of sovereignty, community, subjectivity, social transformation, and the philosophy of time.

Some of the more specific questions that I’ve written on recently are:

  • How do structures of subjectivity explain political practices and events?
  • How do political events, conflicts, and social movements alter the lived form of experience?
  • How do political actors become trapped in sacrificial patterns of violence?
  • How are classical gestures such as pledges and oaths taking on new forms in social and ecological struggles today? 

Recent Articles and Book Chapters:

(2021). “The willing animal to whom nature must conform” (co-authored with Francesco Guercio), in Reiner Schürmann, Modern Philosophies of the Will, Diaphanes, (forthcoming November 2021).

(2020). “Destitution and Creation: Agamben’s Messianic Gesture,” Journal of Italian Philosophy.

(2019). “Myth and Politics in Furio Jesi,” Theory & Event.

(2019). “Cruel Festivals: Furio Jesi and the Critique of Political Autonomy,” Theory & Event.

Edited Volumes:

Reiner Schürmann, Modern Philosophies of the Will. Edited, translated, and with an afterword by Kieran Aarons and Francesco Guercio (Diaphanes, November 2021).

“Symposium on Furio Jesi,” Edited and introduced by Kieran Aarons, Theory & Event, 22.4.2019.

Forthcoming Publications:

“All Tomorrow’s Parties,” in Destituzioni del potere, Ed. Giorgio Astone and Federico Della Sala (Rome: Philosophical Archeology Laboratory). 

“Destituent Power” — A Special Issue of South Atlantic Quarterly (122:1). Co-edited with Idris Robinson.

Reiner Schürmann, Heidegger as Interpreter of Kant. Edited, translated, and with an Afterword by Kieran Aarons and Francesco Guercio (Diaphanes).

Elsa Dorlin, Self-Defense. A Philosophy of Violence, translated by Kieran Aarons and Cedar Hopperton (New York: Verso, 2022).

Recent Conference Activity:

The Undercommons and Destituent Power: Between Pandemic and Revolt, Indiana University Bloomington, Nov. 13-16, 2020. Conference organizer and panel discussant.

“Is there a Revolutionary Use of Law? Fanon, Agamben, and Laclau on Insurrection and Civil War,” Closeness in Distance Colloquium, Indiana University, March 2021.

“The New Politics of Place,” Radical Philosophy Association Panel, American Philosophical Association (Central Division), Chicago, February 2020.

“Elements of Destituent Power in France’s Yellow Vest Movement,” Association for Political Theory Conference, University of California at Irvine, October 2019.

“From Insurrection to Destitution: Jesi, Agamben, and the Limits of Suspended Time,” Riot as a Global Political Concept, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina, October 2018

“Ten Theses for a Post-Mythological Politics,” Transformations of Critical Theory, Northwestern University, November 2017.

Upcoming Conference Activity:

“A Dance Without a Song: Furio Jesi on Solidarity, Spiability, and Revolt in the Age of the Cruel Festival,” Society for Italian Philosophy, November 2021.

“Exile and Fragmentation,” Radical Philosophy Association, November 2021.

A full CV can be found on my page