Jeannine M. Klomes

  Associate Professor
  708-534-4016 ext. 4016
  Office Location: G234
  Office Hours: Varied hours
  College: COE

Educational Administration
Division of Education


Welcome to Governors State University. I began teaching higher education in 1991 and have been a professor at GSU since 2000. It is a pleasure to be a part of this robust institution in the south suburban Chicagoland area that serves students of vast interests, ages and diversity.

As a professor in the Education Administration (EDAD) Principal Preparation Graduate Program, I typically teach Organizational Leadership (7801), Principal as Instructional Leader (7902), and Leading all Students (8102). Prior to joining EDAD, I was an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate Early Childhood Education (EDEC) Program where I served as program coordinator and taught various graduate and undergraduate courses such as academic methods, assessment, child development, foundations, history, philosophy, and family/community. I have supervised hundreds of field placement experiences, student teachers, and graduate student culminating experiences.

My college journey ensued in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development, a Master of Science in EC Special Education, a Master of Arts in Education Administration, and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Supervision. My Illinois credentials include a PEL in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and Education Administration, an approval in Early Childhood Special Education, and completion of the IL Teacher Evaluators Training.

The focus of my doctoral dissertation was the school re-entry process for children impacted by a traumatic brain injury. My articles, book chapter, and presentations have addressed various topics such as reform under turbulence, ethical responsive leadership, atypical child development, home schooling, children’s choices, hypermedia writing assessment, bully/victim/bystander, developmentally appropriate toys, stimulation of young minds, and enhancing educator’s professional language. I contributed to Erikson Institute’s faculty development project addressing the brain development of young children funded by the McCormick Foundation. Soon after, I was extensively involved in the proposal authorship that helped secure the establishment of Chicago Public School’s Barbara Vick Center, an educational Center dedicated to serving the cognitive, social, and physical needs of young children.

As a professor, my greatest satisfaction is supporting the commitment of adult learners striving to meet their professional goals. Working toward obtaining a college degree is a challenge that requires mental, social, physical, and financial obligation. I embrace my role as an educator, advisor and motivator for adult students seeking academic advancement.

There are many ways to serve in the field of higher education. Some of my service areas have included Prairie State’s Partnership Advisory Council, IL STARNET’s Advisory Board, ILAECTE Higher Education Forum, and IL Gateways for Opportunity. Currently, I engage with the Illinois Principal Association (IPA), DPC and/or UPC professional advancement committees, and 4100 local University Professionals of Illinois. I am also committed to leading various collegiate committee and task force initiatives. Feel free to read more about my academic adventures by viewing my curriculum vita.