Dr. Eman Tadros

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Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.
Division of Psyc and Counseling

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Eman Tadros is an Assistant Professor and the Marriage and Family Counseling Track Leader at Governors State University in the Division of Psychology and Counseling. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Akron's Counselor Education and Supervision: Marriage and Family Therapy program. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, MBTI certified, and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Her research follows the trajectory of incarcerated coparenting, incorporating family therapy into incarcerated settings, and the utilization of family systems theories within these settings.

Dr. Tadros has published 76 research articles in scholarly journals. Eman has secured external funding to support her research. She was the recipient of the AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program funded by SAMHSA for four years. Dr. Tadros has served as a student representative, Pre-Clinical Fellow representative, and coordinated the Lifeline Campaign for the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy State Board. In addition, Eman served as an ad-hoc reviewer for AAMFT and NCFR conferences. She works with the Empowering Woman program at Northeastern University where she mentors women of color in achieving their academic and personal goals. She is presently the Illinois Family TEAM leader and was formerly the Ohio Family TEAM leader. She has spoken to government officials on Capitol Hill regarding pressing issues faced by MFTs. She has also written articles for family magazines and edited collections such as Family Therapy Magazine. Through writing these articles, she has advocated for the rights of MFTs.

Dr. Tadros has worked in a variety of clinical settings: clinical mental health, hospital, correctional, private practice, school, and telehealth. Eman has demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion through published scholarly works, clinical work with underserved populations, and has supervised and mentored individuals on cultural humility and competencies using an intersectional, social justice approach to problems.

Dr. Tadros is accepting new advisees, mentees, research assistants, and interns. She welcomes research collaboration between colleagues and students.

Newest articles:

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