LS3C: Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Certification Preparation 

Virtual Class - March 27-May 8 & September 4-October 16

Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain - LS3C is a new fresh perspective to improve Supply Chain process flow while utilizing tools that Lean Six Sigma offers. Focusing entirely on Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing, Transportation and Procurement enables the practitioner the ability to analyze current trends and follow-thru implementation.  For example, evaluating process flow from order fulfillment to customer delivery adds flexibility to a new responsive Supply Chain.  Building a responsive Supply Chain has proven results with improved customer service while reducing errors to zero. Optimizing Supply Chain Lean Six Sigma tools, helps maximize supplier partnerships within the Supply Chain that facilitates a shortened "time to market" with new product introduction.  

The efficient integration of identifying the "8 Wastes" within the Supply Chain builds visibility so the organization can begin to reduce or eliminate the non-value added activities that cost organizations loss revenue and disappoint customers.  Contact Governors State University today to learn more about this new certification focused on your Supply Chain!

LS3C (Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain): Virtual course. 

 Course Fee $1500 - certification exam included, materials are extra)  

Six Sigma methods will include project planning and various statistical tools to equip the student to be Green Belt certified and a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma at their organization. 

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  • Learn how to examine current and emerging megatrends—and understand how they affect global business.
  • Detect opportunities often overlooked in economic models and learn how to examine such opportunities.
  • Learn how to structure your organization to maximize how you leverage global opportunities for competitive advantage.
  • Examine strategies for entering foreign markets and explore their relationship you’re your company’s resources and capabilities.
  • Examine the risks and rewards of being a first mover or fast followers in leveraging global opportunities.
  • Tap into the rising needs of consumers or dormant demand to exploit new markets.
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Governors State University Continuing Education Unit.

Exam Highlights

 The LSSGB exam consists of three modules:

  • Section 1 — Lean Methodologies utilizing The Toyota Way 14 Principles
  • Section 2 — Value Stream Mapping: Current State and Future State
  • Section 3 — Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

Exam: Administered online and proctored on specific date.

  • Comprised of 150 multiple-choice and essay questions.
  • There is one best answer per question and questions are not weighted.
  • Essay questions will be evaluated for level of knowledge.
  • Four hours are allowed to complete the test.
  • Score of 70% on exam and class will earn a pass score.
  • Candidates are able to use books/notes and can use a piece of paper, writing utensil, and a calculator during the exam.
  • Eligible candidates who receive a passing score are awarded their certificate 3-5 business days after the date of the test.

Who will benefit from this training?
The intended audience will include Executives, Managers, Front-Line supervisors, Business owners, Engineers and any other practitioners of continuous improvement. Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Governors State University Continuing Education Unit. A basic understanding of statistics is also required to prepare the student for Six Sigma methods

Program Information

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) 

Training Classes: Hybrid or Online

Time Commitment: 7 weeks

Class: $1500 + books

Exam Fee: Included