Managing Quality

Focus on quality is essential in today’s business. Quality of products and services come from processes carried out under total quality management.

We can provide training in total quality management, extending to the basic tools of quality, statistical analysis, lean and six sigma methodologies, 5 S and kaizen, and value stream mapping. We can also provide insights into the Baldrige Award framework and ISO 9000 certification.

Topics Covered

Session 1:

Statistical Process Control
Acceptance Sampling
Process Capability

Session 2:

Baldrige Quality Framework
Continuous Improvement
Cost of Quality
ISO 9000

Session 3:

5S and kaizen
Lean Production
Six Sigma
Theory of Constraints
Value Stream Mapping


Individuals new to quality management, process leaders and those championing business excellence. There are no prerequisites but a basic understanding of quality management principles will be useful.


Quality Management
Training Classes: Hybrid or Online
Time Commitment: One-day
Class: $700