Growth Strategy: Entering Global Markets

Detecting new market opportunities is critical to securing a competitive edge in fast-globalizing world. Most international business analysts rely on traditional macroeconomic data like gross domestic product, population trends, urbanization ratios, and purchasing power to forecast opportunities. This could be effective at the macro level but new business opportunities are often localized and easily overlooked by such models.

This program—integrating aspects of international strategy, economics, management, marketing, and technology—goes beyond traditional economic models and benchmarking to look at what spurs growth across a variety of country-markets industries, and how to spot opportunities that are often overlooked. You will study selected cases, engage in simulations, exercises, and group work to explore the cultural, economic, social, and political megatrends that are reshaping the global economy and country markets—and you’ll acquire the frameworks to identify and capture emerging opportunities.


• Learn how to examine current and emerging megatrends—and understand how they affect global business
• Detect opportunities often overlooked in economic models and learn how to examine such opportunities
• Learn how to structure your organization to maximize how you leverage global opportunities for competitive advantage
• Examine strategies for entering foreign markets and explore their relationship you’re your company’s resources and capabilities
• Examine the risks and rewards of being a first mover or fast followers in leveraging global opportunities
• Tap into the rising needs of consumers or dormant demand to exploit new markets
• Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Governors State University Continuing Education Unit


• Enhancing your international business acumen, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills by applying an entrepreneurial lens 
• Examining international business strategies and entry modes 
• Using political, social and economic data to analyze institutional quality and political risks political to international business
• Understanding industry competition on a global scale including assessing competitive conditions in a foreign market
• Determining the role of foreign markets in you value and supply chain


This program takes a multidisciplinary approach that integrates economics, international business strategy, marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship. It is designed for managers who require a deeper understanding of today’s complex and rapidly evolving global business environment. Professionals who work in supply chain, international business, country-market analysis, and business development will benefit most from this program.