Learn visual representation methods and techniques that increase the understanding of complex data. Effective data visualization communicate information in order to maximize readability, comprehension, and understanding for a specific audience.


• Apply design strategies to specific datasets.
• Identify the best visualization for a given set of data.
• Utilize built-in Microsoft Excel tools to enhance dull spreadsheet charts.
• Use visualization software (e.g., Tableau) to create modern visualizations without graphic design experience.


• Data Visualization Types and Purpose
• Framework for Visualizing Data
• Moving from Generic Excel Charts to Beautiful Designs
• Using Software Tools Like Tableau to Make Visualization Easy
• Visualizing Different Data Sets Through Different formats including Charts, Graphs, Heatmaps, Scatterplots, Bubble Charts


The data visualization workshop is designed for managers, data analysts, report writers, or others in positions that use spreadsheets to organize data for reports and presentations to team members, supervisors, management, customers, or external stakeholders.