Designed for senior leaders and executives who make important strategic decisions and are responsible for the results of implementing strategy. 

Based on selected readings, discussions, presentations and group exercises, the program will provide you with tools and frameworks for formulating and executing a competitive business strategy in complex and dynamic environments.
Focus is built on learning how to maximize competitive advantage and develop business models that disrupt industry. You will enhance your ability to analyze market and cost dynamics and gain insights that will enable you execute strategy and realign your organizational structure as strategy changes.

Through a carefully designed sequence of business cases, classroom discussions, presentations, and group exercises, you will learn what gives winning organizations their edge in terms of competitive strategy and organizational agility.


• Use tested strategic management tools in a simulation and transfer insights into your business
• Formulate a competitive strategy for your business based on the dynamic context in which it competes
• Communicate strategic business choices to stakeholders using language and concepts that facilitate their buy-in
• Prepare to leverage the strategic challenges and opportunities leaders face
• Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Governors State University Continuing Education Unit


• Analyzing and designing business models and strategies in dynamic contexts
• Assessing competitive risks and identifying sources of sustainable strategic advantage
• Using balanced scorecards for evaluating strategy implementation
• Examining revenue and cost models and their relationship to market share growth
• Designing a strategy supportive organizational structure in the face of competitive forces


This program is ideal for:

• Senior leaders who want to gain new insights into business strategy, market dynamics, and competitive advantage
• Leaders moving into new roles where they need to anticipate the complex, interconnected implications of strategic decisions
• Strategy, operations and finance professionals who want to expand their toolkit related to business design and dynamics
While no specific training is required, participants should have a fundamental understanding of economics and should have previously studied strategy or completed a workshop such Business Strategy for Managers.