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Join us April 16-20 for fun and interactive sessions for high school students to learn more about admissions, financial aid, academics, and student life at Governors State University.


S2S Conference is the first of its kind to utilize GSU student leaders as facilitators, moderators and conference logistic agents. This highly engaging, interactive fun filled event will be an annual staple at GSU and will be a catalyst for student centered high impact practices.


This year we are moving the conference to an online model. Utilizing Zoom online application to conduct engaging session for high school students.

 Purpose:  The annual conference is designed to initiate, a pipeline for high school students to experience postsecondary culture through the lens of GSU student leaders and peers. This student centered conference will introduce and propel professional development, community involvement, college class experiences and pathways that will guide them through their majors to careers.

Vision: High school and college students will embrace leadership development using their applied knowledge to empower one another in their college to career trajectory.

 Mission: S2S mission is to engage, inspire and expose high schools students to the college environment. This exploration will help them visualize their success and purpose in postsecondary education.


 April 16th @ 3pm

 GuestPresenter:  Erika J Kendrick

  "Mental Fitness w/COVID-19"

  April 16th @ 3pm

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April 17th @ 4pm

Presenter:  Financial Aid Asst. Director, Matthew Zarris

"Financial Aid 101"


  April 20th @ 2pm

Presenter:  GSU Interim Director of the Counseling & Wellness Center, Kristina Wilkerson

Coping With COVID-19 as a Future College Student


  April 20th @ 3pm

  Gloria J Taylor Foundation Student Panel

"High School Students Talk" (COVID-19)



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Guest Speaker Erika J. Kendrick

Guest Speaker Erika J. Kendrick