Effective Spring 2017 - Enrollment in the joint degree option suspended, pending revision of the Political and Justice Studies Program. Students can enroll in the Public Administration, M.P.A.

The Political Justice Studies, M.A. and Public Administration, M.P.A. joint degree program program was designed in response to students' demand for a degree program that would broaden student's skills and knowledge by combining the core of these two programs; thus allowing students to have a comparative advantage in the job market.

Students who graduate with this joint degree will graduate with two master's degrees (one in Public Administration and the other in Political and Justice Studies).

The Public Administration program offers students the tools and technical skills for working in the public sector. This includes such courses as human resource administration, public planning, and public budgeting.

The Political and Justice Studies program focuses more on the political processes and goals involved in public policy formulation and implementation. By so doing, the program builds upon a political science and public policy program with the addition of a social justice emphasis.