We recommend that your begin the process by contacting the campus’ Coordinator for NCPACE, Angelica Damiani. Please consult with Ms. Damiani to determine your eligibility and for assistance with entering into the NCPACE Program at GSU. She can be reached at 708.235.6922 or nc-pace@govst.edu.

Registration in NCPACE courses is a multi-step process, wherein you must obtain a Tuition Assistance Voucher, and then register for your course(s) with Governors State University. Once registered, you may order course materials, complete your coursework, and return it to Governors State University for grading.

  • Step One: Obtaining a Tuition Assistance Voucher


    To begin the process for obtaining approval of your NCPACE DL application for Tuition Assistance, please follow the instructions listed on the Navy College Program's website.


    When completing the application for the voucher, please have the following information available: contact information for your command approved exam proctor, academic term dates (term dates are available on the Governors State's Academic Calendar), and tuition rate ($250 per credit hour at Governors State University). You may also need a degree plan showing that the desired courses are applicable to a degree from Governors State University. You can obtain a degree plan from NCPACE Coordinator Angelica Damiani at nc-pace@govst.edu.

  • Step Two: Registering for your course(s)


    Once you have received your Tuition Assistance Voucher, it can be submitted via email to NCPACE Coordinator Angelica Damiani at nc-pace@govst.edu. You will then be asked for biographical information to complete your registration, and will be enrolled in your course.

  • Step Three: Ordering Course Materials


    Course material information will be provided to you upon registration, and can be ordered online at the retailer of your choice. It is recommended that you order materials as soon as possible once your Tuition Assistance Voucher has been submitted to GSU, as your allotted time for course completion will have begun once the voucher is processed through the My Education portal.

  • Step Four: Completing Course Assignments and Submission for Grading


    Once enrolled, you will have until the end date set on your Tuition Assistance Voucher to complete the course. Please have coursework mailed in for grading by this date. The mailing address to return course work is:  

    Governors State University

    1 University Parkway,

     University Park, IL 60484-0975  

     ATTN: Angelica Damiani, NCPACE 


     If you have any questions or concerns while completing coursework, please contact NCPACE Coordinator Angelica Damiani at nc-pace@govst.edu.


     Once submitted, coursework will be graded within 2-4 weeks. After this time, grades will be reported to the Navy, and transcripts will be available for order through the Governors State University Registrar’s Office.