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Maira Gutierrez, a student from the first GSU freshman cohort, will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a career goal to become a CPA and open her own accounting firm one day. During her senior year she found an internship through the Mary T. Washington Internship Preparation Program. This opportunity was an all-expenses paid internship, hosted by The Illinois CPA Society. The program launches African American and other racial/ethnic minority college students into the accounting profession with access to training, resources, and mentors. At the end of the program, accounting firms interview the students for a variety of paid internships that could lead to full-time jobs. Maira received course credit for her internship experience and Professor Alice Keane was very helpful in guiding her throughout the internship process.

Maira’s primary duties and responsibilities included assisting in the preparation for weekly DI files and slides for management review, participating in the 2019 Plan, cost change, and standard setting process. Additionally, she worked on a specialty project; Integrity of SAP product hierarchy.

Maira believes this internship experience helped to prepare her for her career goals. It helped her realize that “people you work for want you to succeed and if you need help there is always someone you can go to for help.” Her advice to students is to network. “You never know what type of advice or information you can get from someone by just talking to them. You can also gain inspiration, and opportunities you would have never known about and potential job offers.”


COB Internship Guide

COB Internship Guide

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