Social Workers make a critical difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

The work they do today will last well beyond the lifetimes of those they help – because every life, and every community, is interlocked with the lives and communities that surround them.

Social Workers:
•Empower individuals
•Guide communities
•Influence policy
•Fight oppression
The Master of Social Work program will prepare you to become an advanced practitioner in Social Work. The program places a foundational emphasis on a philosophy of social justice. As a graduate of our program, you will be well-prepared to lead, implement and support social action agendas.

You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to empower ethnically, racially and culturally diverse at-risk populations. And you’ll know how to build the community resources that lead to that empowerment.

You’ll learn how to provide the best possible resources for individuals – but you’ll see the broader picture, too. Your understanding of social justice issues will allow you to recognize the role that social and economic structures play in repressing human agency. As an advanced practitioner, you’ll be prepared to work collaboratively as a partner in “communities of resistance” and to advocate for change in oppressive institutional arrangements.

Competitive Admission

Admission to the MSW program is competitive, and only a limited number of applicants will be admitted. Each applicant’s strengths are evaluated under a number of factors associated with successful completion of our program.

2019.Masters of Social Work

Please note: The Master of Social Work program does not offer college credit for life experience.