Jeny Tan

Medical Student

Midwestern University

Interviewed by Jessica Butler

JB: How did your experience at GSU help you prepare for med school?

JT: My experience at GSU prepared me for med school. Not only did it prepare me academically but professionally as well. Having the close relationship I have with my professors at GSU, I have gained valuable skills regarding how to communicate professionally.

JB: What life factors influenced your decision to go to Medical School?

JT: At first, I wanted to become an architect. Almost everyone in my family works in the medical field so I wanted to do something different. I was in high school when the economy went into a recession and I knew that I would be taking my chances if I continued on the engineering path. In retrospect, I am glad I ended up choosing the medical route. I realized that even though I loved the idea of building homes, I may get bored with such a career. When I got settled to doing something in the medical field, at first, I did not want to commit to a grueling curriculum that med students would have to face. However, no matter what career option I considered, I always found myself coming back to the idea of med school. So I figured, go big or go home.

JB: What advice would you give current GSU students who want to attend medical school?

JT: The best advice is to get your feet wet. Medical schools expect a well-rounded student. You may have the highest GPA amongst ten thousand applicants, but if you have no experience in volunteering, then how are they sure that you have people skills? Explore-- the more experience you get in research, volunteering, working (does not necessarily have to be medical-related), the better you will be prepared for medical school. All of these experiences along with the good GPA and standardized exams demonstrate that you can balance your life, and the hectic life that awaits you in med school. Above all else, when you get the chance, enjoy time for yourself; travel if you can. Studying will always be there.

JB: What are your long term goals?

JT: Long term career goals are to finish school and residency, find a great job, start a family and travel when I can.

December 2015