The mission of the Family Development Center is to provide an exceptional educational experience that exemplifies best practices for children, an innovative learning environment for GSU students and creates a network of support for the families we serve, promoting life long learning. 


The Family Development Center will be the Model Early Education Center for the South Suburbs. 

Core Values

  •  Making a difference in people’s lives:
    We value and respect the recipients of our services and the trust they place in us. We affect change in people’s lives by using an approach that builds on an individual’s strengths.
  •  Life-long Learners:
    We lay an educational foundation for our students. We promote learning for our parents and ourselves as professionals.
  •  Quality and Excellence in our Work:
    As professionals in our field, we are at the forefront of excellence in early childhood education.
  •  Demonstrate Inclusiveness and Diversity:
    We embrace diversity among students, staff, and faculty as well as members of the broader community, and we encourage acceptance of wide-ranging perspectives. 


We believe that children learn in many different ways and children’s learning is impacted by a variety of forces. When children are actively engaged and construct their own knowledge through hands on activities in a stimulating environment, their growth and development flourish.

We use a research based, reasoned eclecticism approach with Creative Curriculum as our play based foundation. The Family Development Center staff provides a variety of opportunities and experiences in the environment to meet the needs of all children. We honor diversity, creativity and playfulness in every experience and strive to provide security and emotional support for all children and their families.

We encourage life long learning and the dispositions of critical thinking, analytical thinking, questioning, and experimentation.