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    The 2020 Chicago Southland International Film Festival was a great success! The fest included three feature films in our Feature Film Showcase and 46 films in our Short Film Competition. Check out our Short Film Competition teaser and Feature Film trailers below to see what you missed! Also, enjoy discussions with the talented filmmakers.


#CSIFF2020 Short Film Competition Teaser 



2020 International Short Film Competition


     Congratulations to our 2020 Chicago Southland International Film Festival Short Film Competition award nominees and winners! Find out who won here.


Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thrillers Q&A

This thrilling Q&A discussion features several filmmakers from our Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thrillers short film program. Attendees include: Andy Compton - Director, Tin Box Harry Locke IV - Director, The Redeemer Niels Bent - Director, Kaifala Brian Shelton - Moderator





Laugh-Out-Loud Shorts Q&A:

These filmmakers sure know how to reach your funny bone! Attendees for our Laugh-Out-Loud Shorts Q&A include: Nic L. Kelly - Director, It's All Criminal Lesley Hennen - Director, Birthday Bitch Teddy Tenenbaum - Director, Sidepiece Minsun Park - Screenwriter, Sidepiece Nolan Hieu Trifunovic - Director, Diamond Game Georgi M. Unkovski - Director, STICKER Walter Banasiak - Moderator





Informational Documentaries Q&A:

You won't want to miss this highly informative Q&A session featuring filmmakers from our Informational Documentaries short film program. Attendees for this Q&A include: Phil Comeau - Director, Belle-ile In Acadie Jacob Pincus - Director, Stronger Than Steel Paul Restivo - Director, Touch and Go Chess Party Susana Torres - Director, Home: Joselyn's Story Mark Zalewski - Director, Up For Debate Suzanne Patterson - Moderator





The Human Struggle Q&A:

We had no trouble struggling to understand why these filmmakers are so great! Attendees for The Human Struggle Q&A include: Tijuana Ricks - Director, All Souls Frank Tovar - Director, Huckleberry Finn: A Close Place Frances Wilkerson - Director, Red Craig Mooneyham - Director, Salting the Fly Daniel Nearing - Moderator





Wholesome Family Films Q&A:

Suitable for the entire family, this Q&A session features several filmmakers from our Wholesome Family Films short film program. Attendees include: Carlos Douglas Jr. - Director, Kenya's Symphony Stimson Snead - SPIRIT: A Martian Story Matthew Holdren - Moderator





Dramatic Pictures Q&A:

This Q&A session featuring filmmakers from our Dramatic Pictures short film program will leave you wanting more! Attendees include: Kurt Williamson - Director, Four Seasons Nia Fairweather - Screenwriter, Four Seasons Chelses Venkadathu - Director, Ephemera Mohsen Habibi - Director, Control Sanghoon Lee - Moderator





2020 Feature Film Showcase


    The Feature Film Showcase is a community-wide film screening and discussion event in celebration of independent filmmakers. The event will provide filmmakers with a public performance and the opportunity to participate in facilitated post screening Q&A sessions with a diverse audience. This year’s films, detailed below, have been hand-picked by CSIFF Co-Founders, Suzanne E. Patterson and Joshua E. Young.



REPOSSESSION is a bold, genre-bending film, with an ever-evolving, haunting soundscape from Golden Horse Award-winning composer Teo Wei Yong ("A Land Imagined"). The story finds 50-year-old Jim (Gerald Chew, "Apprentice", Cannes Film Festival 2016 Un Certain Regard) losing his high-flying job in status-conscious Singapore, but his ego and pride compel him to hide this from his wife (Amy J Cheng, "Crazy Rich Asians") and daughter. Desperately clinging onto the material symbols of his past success, he unlocks a hibernating malevolent force; as his dream life crumbles around him, worlds collide, the lines between then and now become increasingly blurred, and Jim descends into a waking nightmare.

Directed by Goh Ming Siu, co-directed by Scott C. Hillyard

Goh Ming Siu graduated with a BA in Radio/Television/Film from Northwestern University's School of Communications (Illinois, USA) in 2004. He has since been working in various creative roles in the Singapore media industry for over a decade. Most of his credits are as a screenwriter, director, showrunner, or producer. “Repossession” is his feature film debut.

Scott Chong Hillyard graduated with a diploma in Mass Media Management from Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Business Management. He is a seasoned actor with over a decade of roles in both English and Mandarin, on screen and stage in Singapore, from the age of nine. With “Repossession”, he made his feature film debut behind the scenes as a filmmaker.


Repossession Q&A

In our first featured film Q&A for CSIFF 2020, we are joined by directors of the genre-bending horror film REPOSSESSION Goh Ming Siu & Scott C. Hillyard. Special guests include lead actor and actress Gerald Chew & Amy J. Cheng. Moderated by Chicago Southland International Film Festival judge Blake Labriola. Assistant moderator Jake Abels.






Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm


For a quarter-century, Henry Brockman has worked alongside nature to grow delicious organic vegetables on his idyllic Midwestern farm. But farming takes a toll on his aging body and Henry dreams of scaling back. While his former apprentices run the farm, Henry spends a “fallow year” with his wife Hiroko in Japan. But things don’t turn out as planned, and Henry must grapple with the future of farming in a changing climate on personal, generational, and global levels.

Directed by Ines Sommer

Ines Sommer directs and produces genre-crossing films with topics ranging from the environment to the arts, civic engagement, and human rights. Past projects include the human rights documentary “Beneath the Blindfold” and the MacArthur Foundation-funded “Count Me In”, which aired on PBS stations across the nation in 2016. Ines’ company Sommer Filmworks LLC produces documentaries and commissioned videos for non-profit organizations, arts groups, political campaigns, universities, and other clients.

Ines' camerawork has been featured in numerous award-winning projects, including broadcast documentaries for major Chicago production companies Kartemquin Films and Kindling Group.

She co-founded and directed the non-profit media arts group Percolator Films and currently teaches in Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film Department.


Seasons of Change on Henry's Farm Q&A

In our second featured film Q&A for CSIFF 2020, we are joined by director of the eye-opening documentary of Seasons of Change on Henry's Farm, Ines Sommer. Special guest includes Jess Cherry, farmer from the Sweetwater farm in Petersham, MA. Moderated by Chicago Southland International Film Festival judge Rachel Rozycki. Assistant moderator Jake Abels.






Mustang Saviors


“Mustang Saviors” was inspired by asking the question, "How can I help reduce veteran suicide?" The answer comes in a remarkable treatment which is proving more powerful than ever imagined: Wild mustangs taken straight off the range paired with veterans is miraculously turning despair into enduring hope! Learn the healing power of the horse!

Directed by David Glossberg

David Glossberg grew up in Chicago and made frequent trips to the video rental store. Through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, David found himself delivering bottled water to movie sets in Chicago in early 2005.

Since then he has served and crewed on major motion pictures of all sizes in several capacities and has been an IATSE Journeyman since 2016.

When the prompting was given to 'make a documentary about this' David took on the challenge and shot “Mustang Saviors”, a moving documentary about veterans who work with captured wild horses and now, together have a new chance at life.


Mustang Saviors Q&A

In our third and final featured film Q&A for CSIFF 2020, we are joined by director of the heartwarming documentary Mustang Saviors, David Glossberg. Mustang Saviors is a film about the unthinkable relationship between military veterans and wild horses as they work together to mend one another. Special guests include Kevin Smith, who works in Governors State University's Veteran Affairs, & Melanie Michalak, a dressage musical freestyle designer. Moderated by Chicago Southland International Film Festival judge & co-founder, Suzanne Patterson. Assistant moderator Jake Abels.