COVID-19 Vaccination Status Update for Students

Updated: 1/10/22

Unvaccinated students, or those that are vaccinated and have not submitted proof of vaccination via step one above, and those who have requested an exemption due to health or religious reasons, are required to demonstrate compliance through weekly COVID-19 testing. Test results from off campus COVID-19 testing must be uploaded to MedProctor, students who test on campus their results are automatically received.

A student who does not submit a negative test result for any given week will receive written notification of that missed test by the following Friday. Such a student will have until the following Tuesday to submit proof that a test was taken during the week in question.

If the student does not submit proof that a test was taken during the missed week, the University will take the following steps to ensure compliance. Each “offense” means the failure to demonstrate proof that a test was taken on a weekly basis. If a student fails to test two weeks in a row, for example, such student will receive both a warning letter for the first offense and a $25 fine and be placed on compliance probation for the second offense.


  • First Offense: Warning Letter

  • Second Offense: $25 fine and compliance probation

  • Third Offense: $25 fine and account holds (registration and grades)


Appeals of any intervention must be submitted by email to within two (2) business days of the intervention issue date.

Guided by the principles to place people first, Governors State University is committed to delivering a first-class education in a COVID environment.

To support students, university offices will have in-person coverage during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.), though staff may be limited in light of COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Staff will remain available by phone and e-mail during regular business hours and meetings may be scheduled using video-conferencing technology.