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COVID-19 Update for Resident Students living on campus for Spring 2022 (1/7/22)

Everyone living on campus for the Spring 2022 semester, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to moving into the residence hall Spring 2022 semester.

As a campus community, we are expanding our efforts to promote campus safety and wellness because of the recent spike in positivity rates, chronic persistence of the disease, and emergence of new mutations, i.e. delta, omicron, of COVID-19. As part of our expanded efforts, the University is adopting a new policy that applies to all residents of Prairie Place for Spring 2022. Anyone living in Prairie Place will be required to be vaccinated. Students must upload proof to MedProctor that they have received at least one vaccine dose before they will be permitted to move into Prairie Place. Students who fail to upload proof that they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be denied residency. For those receiving a two-dose vaccine, they must obtain their second shot within thirty days of moving into Prairie Place or by February 17. As such, every resident of Prairie Place must be able to demonstrate that they are “fully vaccinated” by March 3, where “fully vaccinated” means two weeks have passed since receiving their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Any resident who cannot demonstrate proof of full vaccination by March 3 will be subject to immediate removal from housing.

Exemptions to the vaccine mandate are available to those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons; students seeking such an exemption should contact the Office of the Registrar. However, students who obtain such an exemption still must comply with the mandatory weekly testing requirements set forth below.

Any resident who is not fully vaccinated must participate in mandatory weekly testing and submit a weekly negative test result until they submit proof of full vaccination via MedProctor.

Students may test for free on campus and their test results will be delivered directly to the University. Those wishing to test off campus must submit their test results via MedProctor. Testing compliance is measured on a weekly basis, measured from Sunday to Saturday. Thus, students who are not fully vaccinated must submit proof of their first negative COVID-19 test by Saturday, January 22, reflecting the results of a test taken within the past seven (7) days.

A student who does not submit a negative test result for any given week will receive a written notification of that missed test by the following Friday. Such a student will have until the following Tuesday to submit proof that a test was taken during the week in question.

If the student does not submit proof that a test was taken during the missed week, the University will take the following steps to ensure compliance. Each “offense” means the failure to demonstrate proof that a test was taken on a weekly basis. If a student fails to test two weeks in a row, for example, such student will receive both a warning letter for the first offense, and a $25 fine and be placed on compliance probation for the second offense.


First Offense: Warning Letter

Second Offense: $25 fine and compliance probation

Third Offense: $25 fine and account holds (registration and grades) and removal from housing


Appeals of any intervention must be submitted by email to within two (2) business days of the intervention issue date.

GSU will continue to provide information on the implementation of these measures designed to address the educational and safety needs of our campus community.

For more information about COVID-19 and Governor State’s response, please visit GSU's COVID-19 page. You may also email questions directly to GSU's website is updated regularly and contains a Frequently Asked Questions section.


Students remaining in Prairie Place should expect the following for the 2022-2023 year:

  • Only one guest/visitor is permitted in Prairie Place per resident. No exceptions.
  • • No gatherings of 10 or more people are permitted. This is to promote social distancing in accordance with the Center for Disease (CDC) guidelines.
  • • The Prairie Place front desk will be open and available to assist you and address any emergencies.

Face masks should be worn in any common area of the building (such as the check-in tables in the Great Hall and the front lobby/vestibule), in the elevator and/or stairwells of the building, and in the hallways/common area lounges and kitchens/laundry room. For your safety, and the safety of all in Prairie Place, please wear your face masks/coverings properly and at all times when in public areas. 

If you are interested in cancelling your housing contract, please complete the Petition for Contract Release.

Here are the steps to complete the Petition:

  • • Log in to your GSU Student Portal
  • • Go to the left-hand menu, under Housing, click on Take Care of Business
  • • Scroll down the Take Care of Business page, click on the application that is called “Petition for Contract Release”
  • • Complete and submit the application

Once you submit the Petition, Housing will respond within 3-5 business days with an answer regarding your moveout date, Housing/Meal Plan charges, and any further information. Please be patient with our timeline as we are working to assist all of our resident students with the nation’s and University’s current climate.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our community safe. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 708-235-7110 or