Whether you are new to GSU, or are looking to improve upon your existing skills, these workshop-style programs will set you up for academic success. Featuring experienced advisors, faculty, and active dialogue with your peers, these small focused groups will explore the day-to-day issues student experience.

The CJY monthly events will touch on subjects that are critical to your success including:

  • Setting a vision and goals 
  • Exploring paths for academic program growth 
  • Building consensus among your peers 
  • Empowering and engaging faculty and staff 
  • Identifying and resolving daily issues and conflicts 

In addition, you will have time to network with your fellow peers. We encourage you to take full advantage of these group meetings to build relationships with your peers and faculty.







Learn about Prestigious Scholarships

Considering applying for a Fulbright scholarship? Perhaps a Rhodes scholarship for graduate study. Want to learn more about them and other prestigious fellowships? Come learn at an informative session in the CJY.  

Considering a withdraw? Understand the Implications

Struggling in a class? Or maybe time management? Thinking about withdrawing from a class? There are withdrawal deadlines and other considerations to be mindful of. Come to the CJY to understand the implications of course withdrawal so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Using independent study – 
Study your passions, earn credit toward graduation

Is there a topic you’d like to study but not offered this semester? Need one or two more units to graduate? Consider an independent study course. These are great opportunities to learn on topics of interest to you with the with the guidance of faculty in your topic area of interest. Come learn more about independent studies in the CJY.

Learn about Academic grievances

If you would like to better understand how grievances work, or you think you may need to file one, then come to a session in the CJY where we will discuss the process and important timelines.



Group Mentoring Sessions

Peer Lead



Goal Setting Session

Peer Mentors from the Center for the Junior Year will discuss how to set goals with an emphasis on SMART goals while also sharing personal tips and tricks on how to stay on a path towards a goal.

Finding Foundation Scholarships 

Are you looking for information on scholarships?

Finding Personal Strengths:

This session goal is to have engaging discussions about personal strengths.

Planning out your career possibilities:

This section will focus on career readiness and provide discussions on how to have a resume, LinkedIn, opportunities such as Parker Dewey & internships. The goal is to have engaging and self-informative discussions on how a person feels about career possibilities

De-Stress Mondays

The CJY invites you to Bring your Lunch and relax with us at our De-Stress Lunch Series. 


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