Governors State University’s Campus Inclusion Team (CIT) is a committee of students, faculty, and staff from a cross-section of disciplines university-wide. The committee was charged by GSU President Elaine P. Maimon, to be "proactive, thinking, and planning strategically" about issues of diversity and inclusion on GSU's campus.

The CIT, chaired by Dr. Khalil Marrar, along with his co-chair, Dr. Maristela Zell, advises on the formulation, review, and application of policies and guidelines that promote and support the full contributions of the University's diverse faculty, staff, and students including:

  • Underrepresented students succeeding at or above the levels of all students;
  • Strategies for recruitment and retention of a diversified faculty, staff, and student body;
  • Access to professional development for GSU staff, faculty, and students to increase their knowledge of diversity/inclusion issues and programs.
  • Recommend actions that will help support and fulfill diversity/inclusion-related commitments made by the University under the Governors State University Vision 2020 plan and other University programs, plans, and policies;
  • Review and recommend actions and programs that help support and fulfill diversity related commitments by the University;
  • Review proposals for funding from established/recognized on-campus groups;
  • Recommend strategies for integrating diversity/inclusion throughout the campus community;
  • Make recommendations on diversity related programming and actions.