To meet the growing demands of the profession, the American Physical Therapy Association envisions the Doctor of Physical Therapy program as the profession's entry-level degree, replacing the Master of Physical Therapy.

Our Department of Physical Therapy accepts that vision and has created a substantive Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum that is grounded both in today’s practice and in the profession’s expanding role in patient diagnosis and care.

The DPT coursework will provide you with the substantial base of knowledge you’ll need to enter the profession. We’ll take you through movement and neuroscience to diagnostic imaging and orthopedics. Our graduates will enter the profession with a thorough understanding of the human body, the nature of injury, and the therapies that lead to recovery and improved function.

Admission to the DPT program is competitive, and only a limited number of applicants will be admitted. Each applicant’s strengths are evaluated under a number of factors associated with successful completion of our program and passing the licensure examination.

GSU offers an on-campus entry level doctor of physical therapy degree for those interested in starting a career in physical therapy. 

The Physical Therapy program takes approximately three years to complete; each admitted class will begin its coursework in the first Summer Semester following admission.

Additional information, directions to campus and a campus map are available on our homepage

 Doctorate of Physical Therapy Fact Sheet