Effective Fall 2016, we will no longer be accepting applications for this program.
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For motivated adults wishing to change their professional paths, the MAT in Urban Teacher Education at Governors State University can chart a new course toward a fulfilling career in teaching. The program enables adults with college degrees to become licensed elementary or secondary (Mathematics, Biology, or Chemistry) teachers in 18 months and complete a Master's degree.

For more information, contact the Program Advisor Eileen Lally.

Meet the Program Faculty

Program Outline

General Education Requirement for Teacher Licensure

This program requires that candidates have a background in general education. Courses can be taken at the lower or upper division levels. A grade of “C” or higher must be earned. The following areas provide the guideline for general education courses:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Survey of American History
  • U.S. Government
  • Additional Social Sciences
  • Additional Humanities (including one fine arts)
  • Health/Nutrition
  • Third World Culture

II. Professional Coursework Required (33-34 Hours)

A grade of a “B” or better must be earned in all professional courses.
Pre-requisites for All Candidates:
EDUC 3320 Future of American Education (3)

EDUC 3321 Effective Teaching and Laboratory (4)

All candidates:

ACA 6110 Initial Field Experience (1)
ACA 6420 Theory to Practice (3)
ACA 7110 Research Based Reading Instruction (3)
ACA 6230 Field Experience I (1)
ACA 8110 Student Learning and Assessment (3)
ACA 6340 Field Experience II (1)
ACA 8220 Action Research in Schools (3)
ACA 8990 Best Practice in Urban Setting (3)

ACA 7220 Teaching English as a Second Language (3)


ACE 6130 Teaching in the Content Area (3)
ACE 7230 Reflective Teaching I (3)

ACE 8330 Reflective Teaching II (3)


ACM 6140 Methods of Teaching Math I (3)
ACM 7240 Methods of Teaching Math II (3)

ACS 8345 Advanced Methods Secondary Teaching (3)


ACS 6150 Methods of Teaching Science I (3)
ACS 7250 Methods of Teaching Science II (3)

ACS 8345 Advanced Methods Secondary Teaching (3)

III. Middle School Endorsement-Optional

(For Elementary Teachers only-18 Hours)
Complete 18 hours in one of the following:
General Science
Language Arts

Social Science

IV. Total - minimum of 33 Hours

Application Materials

**Note: This program is not accepting applications at this time.**


To apply for this program, individuals must have obtained their bachelor’s degree and are willing to complete their residency and work in a partner school district for a period of at least three years after completing the program.

Special Admissions Requirements

Admission to the program is on a competitive basis.
Requirements include:
1. Alternative Certification application form
2. Holistic assessments including, but not limited to:
• GRE results (including the writing test)
• Interview
• Group problem solving activity

• Presentation


Candidate Progress

The Alternative Certification Assessment Committee monitors and evaluates candidates’ progress continually and specifically at four checkpoints. Detailed information is available in the Alternative Certification Candidate Handbook in the student portal.

Admission to Teaching Residency

Before the teaching residency, candidates must:
1. Pass the Illinois Test of Academic/Proficiency/Basic Skills Test (400) and the Illinois Elementary/Middle School Content Area Test (110) or Secondary Content Area (Chemistry Test 105, Biology Test 106, or Mathematics Test 115).
2. Apply for and receive an Illinois Professional Educator License with Stipulations.

3. Sign an agreement to teach in one of the partner school districts.

Middle School Endorsement

Candidates should contact their advisor if middle school endorsements are desired so their study plan reflects this decision and additional coursework.

Teacher Licensure

This program is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for recommendation of Professional Educator License endorsed in Elementary or Secondary Education by entitlement. To be recommended by Governors State University, elementary and secondary candidates must complete the program
and apply for their license within one year of the program’s ending date.

Information Sessions

Upcoming Information Sessions


Please join us at one of these upcoming sessions. We'll tell you all about the program, answer any questions you may have, and tell you how you can get involved. You do not need to reserve a seat for the information sessions. For more information call 708.534.4399.

NOTE: All Information Sessions will be held at GSU beginning at 7pm, and will conclude by approximately 9pm.

    **Dates for Spring 2014 will be added soon.**
     **Check back periodically for schedule updates.**



    Academic Advising

    The Division of Education provides professional academic advisement to serve the needs of all of its candidates.  Your program advisor is the ideal first contact for:

    • Individuals considering entering this program.
    • Newly admitted candidates who need to develop a plan of study, including evaluation of transfer credits.
    • Continuing candidates who have questions or comments on program policies, procedures and requirements.

    The Academic Advisor for the MAT in Urban Teacher Education is Eileen Lally. Ms. Lally can be reached via phone: 708.534.4399 or email elally@govst.edu.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here to email us if you have any additional questions.

    When is the application deadline for the program? We attempt to gather a pool of candidates throughout the year, and so applications are accepted and processed on an ongoing basis. We have set an application deadline of November 15. Our best advice to prospective applicants is to apply ASAP. 

    How many credit hours must I complete? There are 33-34 credit hours of professional course work designed into the program. Most candidates need additional studies in order to meet general education requirements or meet middle grades endorsement requirements.

    How much does the program cost?

    The expenses for the 2013-2014 program break down as follows:

    * Tuition for professional courses          $ 11,160

                Fees*                                         $ 2,625

                ** Additional Program Cost       $ 3,000 

               Tuition Waiver                          - $ 2,790

    Total Program Cost = $13,995*

    You should anticipate that there will be additional expenses for general education course deficiencies, books and supplies, etc.

    *Note: These figures are based on Illinois residency and the current tuition and fee schedule for Fall 2012 through Summer 2013. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

    ** Note: The "Additional Program Cost" will be paid upfront by the candidate's partner school district. Most districts will reclaim the $3000 by deducting it from the $30,000 stipend. 

    Which school districts participate as program partners? All program candidates will be working with one of the following partner school districts:

    • SD 111 Kankakee
    • SD 122 Ridgeland
    • SD 132 Calumet
    • SD 143.5 Posen - Robbins
    • SD 147 West Harvey - Dixmoor
    • SD 148 Dolton
    • SD 152 Harvey
    • SD 156 Lincoln Elementary District, Calumet City
    • SD163 Park Forest
    • SD 168 Sauk Village
    • SD 169 Ford Heights
    • SD 170 Chicago Heights
    • SD 259 Pembroke
    • SD 206 Bloom Township High School


    What kind of teaching certificate will I earn? During residency candidates hold a Professional Educator License with Stiplations. Once all program requirements have been completed, candidates will be eligible to receive a Professional Educator License with an Elementary or Secondary Endorsement. 


    What kind of commitment will I make to the program partner school districts? One of GSU's major objectives in this program is to continue our strong, long-term commitment to high quality education in our region's urban setting. We share this commitment with the local school districts who partnered with us in the creation, design and ongoing implementation of this program. Our expectation is that you share this same crucial commitment to our region. Candidates who begin the program make a commitment to teach in their internship district for three years following the conclusion of the program. 

    What courses should I have on my undergraduate transcript to prepare for this program? Candidates in the MAT in Urban Teacher Education program must meet the following general education requirements with a grade of "C" or higher:

    • 6 credits     Written Composition
    • 3 credits     Speech Communication
    • 6 credits     Mathematics at college algebra or higher level
    • 7 credits     Natural Sciences
    • 9 credits     Social Sciences including a course in U.S. Government
    • 15 credits   Humanities including a survey course in U.S. History
    • 2 credits     Introduction to health
    • 3 credits     Non-western cultures (African, Asian, Central or South American or descendants of those groups in this country, or Native American. Courses drawn from humanities or social sciences.)

    As a general rule, you must be within 3-6 credits of completing these undergraduate requirements to be eligible for selection in the MAT in Urban Teacher Education program.

    Middle School Endorsement requires 18 credits in a subject area, general education concentration in one subject area taken from (math, science, humanities, social sciences, etc.).

    Secondary Certification in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics requires a bachelor's degree in the content or closely related area.


    What tests am I required to take for the State of Illinois and where can I find information about those tests?  

    Program candidates must pass all three required Illinois State Board of Education certification examinations: the Basic Skills/Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP 400), the Elementary/Middle Grades content exam 110 or the Secondary Content Area (105 Biology, 106 Chemistry, or 115 Mathematics), and the Assessment of Professional Teaching exam.

    Information about registering for the certification exams can be found on the Illinois Certification Testing System website: www.il.nesinc.com

    When can I get started in the program?

    Applicants must submit and application by November 15 of the previous year. General education and writing tests are given in December and January. Interviews, candidate presentations, and group team problem solving activities are conducted in January and February. Upon completion of this process, candidate selections are made and the program begins in March.