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Dean Andrae Marak has been a passionate runner for a long time.  On August 22nd, he’s running for our students!  Dre is dedicating his Shawnee 100K race to the GSU Student Emergency Fund.  The Shawnee 100K is 64 miles through beautiful but extremely grueling and hazardous terrain in the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois.  Your donations in honor of his efforts will send him off with a huge push!

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Here’s why Dre is running for the Student Emergency Fund and why your donations are so essential:

Many of GSU’s students are First Generation College Students.  FGCS’s have taken the first steps to better their chances for a wider array of opportunities in the hopes of a future that includes more financial stability.  Often times, however, financial instability is one of the greatest obstacles they must overcome.  In these challenging times, support from the community is crucial.  Our Dean is all in!  He believes in our students and our Southland Community.  Show him you believe in him too! 

 Donate to Dre’s Miles for Many campaign here! 






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 Cubic Miles of Oil Lecture

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 2018 Illinois Native Plant Society Annual Gathering 

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This year's annual INPS gathering will held on the weekend of June 8th and will be hosted by the Kankakee-Torrent Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society in University Park, Illinois, here at Governors State University and at numerous field locations in Illinois.  For more information on registering click here.

After a host of activities and field trips on Saturday, June 9th, Dr. Gerould Wilhelm, principal botanist/ ecologist of the Conservation Design Forum, will be using native prairie, woodland, and riverbank landscapes to illustrate Consilience and Concinnity.  Consilience means "jumping together" and is typified when all the elements of an ecosystem are working in harmony.  Concinnity is the beautiful harmony that grows between people and place as humans understand their role in "jumping together" with ecosystems in accordance with its own unique strictures.

Some of 2018's field trips include:
Sand Ridge Nature Preserve & Powderhorn Preserves
Indian Boundary Prairies
Clark & Pine and Ivanhoe North
Thornton-Lansing and Jurgensen Woods Nature Preserves
McMahon Woods & Fen and Cranberry Slough Nature Preserves
Miller Woods and Cowles Bog
Indiana Dunes State Park