CJY Participates at IUPUI

The CJY faculty and mentors will be attending the National Peer Mentoring Symposium on October 5th at IUPUI. Eunis Lukose and Kayla Warner will be representing the CJY with a poster presentation titled “Center for the Junior Year: Breaking Down Barriers to Success”. The presentation will highlight our unique approaches to peer mentoring, as well as how our mentors and faculty work to resolve some common challenges for students


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“Eunis and I represented the CJY with a presentation about our office. Doing so allowed us to inform others on what we do and exchange ideas with mentors from as far away as Japan! We also had the opportunity to learn mentoring strategies from many different kinds of mentoring programs. It was an excellent experience and I hope we get the privilege to go back next year.”
  PM-mentoring“I thought it was a great way to see the various strategies and techniques peer mentors used to engage with their students. There were unique games and ideas that peer mentors brought to the table that I thought could also be integrated into our office. I also thought it was interesting to see just how different the populations that each university served were! Some universities mentored only to a specific major, others mentored to freshman, and some like GSU mentored to all students!”