Every year, GSU faculty take GSU students abroad for a 3-credit course. These programs last between 1-3 weeks during official breaks. Please find a list of upcoming GSU faculty-led study abroad programs below. More details to come!

Tentative upcoming GSU Faculty-Led Programs 


Academic Year 2020-2021 

Summer Session:

Education & Culture of Brazil (Spring course)

Honors Seminar in Rome

Public Health Brigade to Ghana

Cyber Security Conference in Tel Aviv

Multi-Level Governance in Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria)


Academic Year 2021-2022

Winter Intersession:

Restorative Justice in Brazil

Business & Culture of Peru

Public Health Brigade to Panama

Multicultural Counseling in Thailand

Nursing in India 

Spring Break:
Language Immersion & Afro-Latino Cultures of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic

Summer Session:

Honors Seminar in Rome

Public Health Brigade to Ghana


Past Faculty-Led Programs 


College of Business

Business & Culture in South Africa (2016 & 2019), Central Europe (2018), India (2017), Brazil (2015), Poland (2014), China (2012)


College of Education

Multicultural Counseling in Thailand (2013-2020)

Education & Culture in Slovenia (2018), China (2019)


College of Health & Human Services

Health Administration in Sweden (2016)

Public Health Brigade to Nicaragua (2016-2018), Ghana (2019) Panama (2020)

Legal Empowerment Brigade to Panama (2019)


College of Arts & Sciences

Honors Seminar in Rome (2017 & 2018)

Criminal Justice and Public Administration in France (2019)