With a variety of ways to ensure you'll have an experience tailored to your unique journey, our AIM HIGH tracks are focused on moving you toward fulfilling your dreams. While all freshmen are encouraged to choose one, freshmen AIM HIGH recipients are encouraged to participate in one (or more) track.

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides a curriculum designed to enrich your academic experience. It offers opportunities to be more engaged in your studies with a variety of formal and informal learning settings. It is designed to make a difference in each student's life and provide motivation to go a step further as well as maintain higher expectations in reaching your fullest potential. Contact: Dr. David Rhea, Director of the Honors Program. Email: drhea@govst.edu  Learn more about our curriculum at https://www.govst.edu/Admissions/Honors_Program/

Male Success Initiative Program

The Male Success Initiative (MSI) is an intergenerational enrichment program designed to help male students create a game plan for their success at GSU and beyond whether they are a first year, returning or transfer student.  It focuses on employing strategies to assist in the retention and graduation of male students, particularly men of color.  MSI is committed to “Building Better Men for Greater Success” through weekly programming based upon four programming tenets to ensure participants have a holistic educational experience.  Civic engagement focuses on leadership development programs and community service efforts.  Cultural exploration concentrates on a wide range of opportunities to explore your creative, social, and intellectual ambitions through immersion in cultural activities and outings.  Curricular enhancement provides seminars focusing on study habits, time management, and learning styles, tutoring through peer to peer tutoring and study groups that encourage scholastic achievement.  Character enrichment encourages participation in activities that will increase self-awareness through social justice education while enhancing personal and professional development through mentoring. Contact: Dr. Robert E. Clay, Executive Director, Student Engagement & Intercultural Programs. Email: rclay@govst.edu

Transformational Leadership Program

The Transformational Leadership Program provides an opportunity for leadership development through interactive and experiential activities.  In your first-year, students will participate in the Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) immerses first-year students in a process of personal development that lays the foundation for exploration of leadership. ELP helps students answer the question “What type of leader do I want to be?” This is an experiential program wherein students participate in highly interactive workshops, activities, and discussion. Contact: Hannah Cave, Assistant Director for New Student Programs. Email: hcave@govst.edu.

Career Compass Exploration Program

GSU’s Four Year Career Compass takes you from the classroom to the boardroom with a customized step-by-step process designed to keep you on track from freshman through senior year. This particular AIM HIGH track provides an opportunity to experience an exciting journey to discover a place of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and contribution. It enriches a shift in campus culture, one that is focused on strengths based education, which has become part of an ongoing culture change for our campus community that allows our students to identify not only interests, but also natural talents that parlay into academic majors and lifelong pursuits. Near the end of your academic journey, we will walk you through the entire job search process, helping you craft a dynamic resume, identify valuable internships, and cultivate sure fire interview skills that wow hiring managers. Contact: Darcie Campos, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Career Services. Email: dcampos@govst.edu.

Scholar Athletes

Student athletes at Governors State University must meet both institutional and NAIA academic eligibility requirements. In addition, Student Athletes in this program engage in activities that embody the NAIA Champions of Character values that include Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, and Servant Leadership. Contact: Toneshia Mack, Assistant Athletic Director and Head Coach for Women’s Basketball. Email: tmack@govst.edu