There is no can't in the Honors Program.

The Honors Program invites you to participate in a curriculum designed to enrich your academic experience. It offers opportunities to be more engaged in your studies with a variety of formal and informal learning settings. It is designed to make a difference in each student's life and provide motivation to go a step further as well as maintain higher expectations in reaching your fullest potential.

Mission Statement

The Honors Program curriculum is based on providing high-impact, challenging, and experiential learning opportunities - both in and out of the classroom - for our high-achieving students. We promote leadership skills and personal development in our curricular and co-curricular opportunities for the betterment of the individual student, the university, and the global community.

Eligibility and Graduation

Eligibility and Graduation

Do you have what it takes to join the honors program? Learn the necessary eligiblity requirements for both freshmen and transfer students. CLICK HERE



As an honors student, you will complete various tasks during your academic career and graduate with university honors. Learn more about the honors curriculum in order to successfully complete the program. CLICK HERE

Student Council

Student Council

Looking to get more involved with honors? Learn more about the Honors Program Student Council. We plan events, socials, and other honors initiatives.

Honors Pathways

Looking for an even great Challenge? Check out the five different pathways offered by the honors program. This includes Health and Life Sciences, GSU/PSC Nursing Track, Guaranteed Professional Health, Five-Year MBA, and the Civic Engagement Learning Community. CLICK HERE.

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