The purpose of this page provides you with the necessary forms/documents to complete the honors program curriculum and earn the points necessary to successfully complete the program. View the descriptions below for more details.

Study Abroad Proposal Form

Study abroad opportunities allow students to study abroad in a short-term (few weeks) or long term (one semester) basis. These programs are either directly offered through GSU or through enrolling in another university study abroad program. Complete this form to earn 1 HP point for any course completed abroad (up to a maximum of 2 HP points).


Honors Program Internship Packet 

For students who are career-bound, internships offer opportunities for various pathways to employment. Complete this form if you you are located at an off-campus internship site. 


Honors Research Conference Verification

If you have authored and/or co-authored a research proposal or project, complete this form to earn your honors point. Conferences that qualify include those at a local, regional, or national level within your academic discipline. 


Honors Research Proposal Document 

In conjunction with your academic coursework, you may have the option to conduct research in partnership with your current undergraduate professor/s. This option may be beneficial for those seeking competitive graduate school admissions or need to get research experience under their belt.

Honors Program Course Contract Proposal Form 

The purpose of the course contract allows the honors student the freedom to complete a project in conjunction with his or her course. Examples may include service projects, community outreach, or civic engagement.

The Honors Program Leadership Guide 

The Honors Program Leadership is a core requirement for all graduating seniors. The purpose of the leadership guide helps the honors student complete the honors leadership component as listed per honors curriculum guide.