Here You Are


As the new academic year begins, Governors State University welcomes students and is committed to their enrichment, advancement, and scholarship. GSU and the other 11 public universities in Illinois remain dedicated to the growth and success of all of today’s students, to those enrolling in the future, and to the people and State of Illinois.

Despite financial uncertainty caused by the Illinois budget crisis, Governors State University’s students continued to receive an exceptional and accessible academic experience. With the unified support of faculty, staff members, the regional community, and generous donors, they learned in a reimagined university where fiscal struggles inspired greater collaboration and commitment to diversity, equality, and responsible citizenship.

The challenges of the past few years changed the way we do some things at Governors State, but it did not alter who we are. We continue to serve Chicago and Chicago’s Southland by providing higher education opportunities to more than 5,800 students a year—some of whom are the first in their families to attend college. Our more than 48,000 alumni are hard at work in schools, hospitals, businesses, laboratories, and financial and governmental institutions in every county in Illinois and throughout the nation.

While the state and its institutions rebuild, Governors State University will do more than just survive. Here, we will thrive. As we did throughout the crisis, we will continue to work with our legislators in Springfield for the betterment of the state. We will continue to partner with, and be grateful for, those who mobilized, advocated, and supported GSU. We will withstand what is outside our control using ingenuity and determination. Here, we are committed to recovering, resurging, and preparing for tomorrow.

Illinois residents can look to state universities as the valuable resources that they are. Think of Illinois’ public universities when you consider your higher education options, as you seek qualified employees, and search for cultural enrichment opportunities.

GSU is ready to serve Chicagoland and Illinois, today and tomorrow, and for all the years that follow. Our service is proven and sustained; our impact is profound and far-reaching.

At Governors State University, you are not just anywhere. You’re where you belong.

Here, You Are.