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Reading Teacher Endorsement - Post-B.A.Certificate Program

The certificate leads to an Illinois State Board of Education endorsement. In addition to meeting the university admission criteria, you must hold an Illinois or comparable out-of-state license in Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education.You must have completed two years of teaching before being admitted to the reading diagnosis course.You will take courses in diagnosis, remediation, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic foundations of literacy, integrating literature across the curriculum and narrative and expository writing instruction. Practicum experiences,at either the elementary or secondary levels,are matched to your existing teaching certificate.

 Applicants must: 
  • Meet the university admission criteria.
  • Hold a valid Illinois (or comparable out-of-state) Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary or Special Professional Educator License.
  • Have completed at least two years of appropriate teaching experience or will have completed two years of teaching before being enrolled in READ7240 Reading Diagnosis.
  • Submit a formal application to this certificate program.
Before completing six credit-hours (READ6210 and one additional READ course),students must submit: 
  • The certificate in Reading Teacher Endorsement application.
  • An additional set of transcripts showing a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher in all undergraduate work attempted and all grades in graduate course work at a “B”or better.
  • Syllabi and/or detailed narrative descriptions of previous graduate reading course work to be evaluated for transfer credit, if applicable.
  • A copy of a valid Illinois or comparable out-of-state initial,standard or master teaching certificate/professional educator license
  • Evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency of the Illinois Certification Testing System, or evidence of possessing an Illinois professional educator license that required passing this test.
  • Evidence of two years teaching experience in a recognized public or private school as directed in the application materials.

Requirements for Transfer of  Previous Graduate Coursework

Students with previous graduate reading coursework may be allowed to apply a maximum of six credit-hours to the program requirements. Only courses potentially equivalent to specific GSU Reading courses (READ6190, 6200, 6220 or 6230) will be considered. Courses must have been completed no longer than six years prior to application for admission to the certificate in Reading Teacher Endorsement. Petitions and documents for these applied credits must be submitted before or at the same time as application for continuation in the certificate(i.e.prior to completion of READ6210 and one additional READ course). No courses taken at another institution after admission to the certificate may be applied. All petitions for transfer of coursework will be evaluated by the M.A. in Reading faculty.

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Required Courses (24 Hours)

  • READ6190 Narrative and Expository Writing Instruction, K-12 (3)
  • READ6200 Language, Culture and Literacy(3)
  • READ6210 Survey of  Reading: Theory and Practice (3)
  • READ6220 Teaching Reading in Content Areas (3)
  • READ 6230 Integrating Children’s and Adolescents’ Literature Across the Curriculum (3)
  • READ7240 Literacy Assessment (3)
  • READ7250 Strategies and Interventions for Struggling Readers(3)

 Select the practicum appropriate to original certificate/license:

  • READ8260 Literacy Strategies 1-5 w/ Practicum (3) or
  • READ8270 Literacy Strategies 6-12 w/ Practicum(3)

  Total- 24 Hours

    Completion Requirement- Effective July 1, 2012, ISBE requires the ICTS content test prior to being admitted to READ8260 or 8270. Note: Those who complete the certificate in Reading Teacher Endorsement have the option of applying these credits towards the Reading and for licensure as a Reading Specialist. Admission requirements and time restrictions for the Reading apply.

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