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Six Sigma Certification – Chicago’s Top Program

If you are someone who wants to gain a thorough understanding of Six Sigma methodology, GSU’s School of Extended Learning offers one of the best courses for Six Sigma Certification in Chicago.  Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Course focuses on both Advanced Lean Techniques and Six Sigma "Green Belt" methodologies and offers detailed and real-world lean thinking that is reviewed through hands-on experiences.  The objective is to equip students with the expertise to become Green Belt certified and a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma at their organization.  The course is offered at the Governors State main campus. 

Currently GSU offers the Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification Courses and have new courses starting in January 2018. Please fill out the form above for more information.

GSU’s Six Sigma Certification in Chicago – Master the Basics

GSU’s Six Sigma Certification course is Chicago’s best opportunity to master the basics for transforming the work you perform and to gain the skills you need to improve your organization’s bottom line results.  You will learn how to integrate theories of business, statistics, and the elimination of waste with the goal of achieving tangible results.  In addition the Six Sigma methodologies include project planning and various statistical tools.  As a student you will become a more confident, process change agent for your organization in as little as five days. 

The School of Extended Learning is designed for someone who desires to keep learning throughout their lifetime.  To assist with that, we offer courses and workshops that allow you to acquire new skills and knowledge for career advancement as well as obtaining CEUs and Certifications.

Please take a look at our Professional Development web pages or catalog to review the details for our Six Sigma Certification course as well as all of the other excellent programs we offer. 

We invite you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.   Learn more about the School of Extended Learning’s opportunity to acquire skills in the methodologies for Six Sigma Certification in Chicago.

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