Masters in Counseling

Masters in Counseling – Excellent Sequences for Advanced Study

If you wish to advance your career options by earning your masters in counseling, Governors State offers an excellent program.  Our Master of Arts in Counseling degree prepares students with the necessary skills to work in direct services for clients; for diagnostic, consultative, and evaluative services; or in preventive intervention.  We offer advanced studies in the following three sequences:  Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling and School Counseling (K-12).  It is the mission of GSU’s counseling programs to ensure graduates are able to ethically apply their knowledge and skills while compassionately serving the diverse populations they will encounter over the course of their careers.

GSU’s Masters in Counseling Opens Up Career Opportunities

In our masters in counseling program, students are guided and mentored by a nationally renowned faculty that is committed to instilling an approach to the discipline that incorporates empathy, care and a spirit of inclusiveness.  With a comprehensive curriculum and extensive hands-on training, students receive the professional skills they need to practice effectively and ethically.  The program offers a combination of theory, research, cross cultural studies, social justice and advocacy along with a strong emphasis on clinical practice. 

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling sequence examines clinical mental health and community counseling issues, life style and career development, workplace and vocational counseling, group dynamics and counseling program management.  Our Marriage and Family Counseling program includes the study of individuals, children, adolescents, couples and family counseling.  Finally in our third sequence, the School Counseling program promotes excellence in professional school counseling as an integral component in the development of all students.

Graduates with their masters in counseling enter challenging careers in healthcare, education, government, and business.  Workplaces include mental health clinics and hospitals, corporations, governmental social agencies, public and private schools, community colleges, community intervention programs and correctional institutions.

Please visit our Counseling, Master of Arts web page or GSU catalog for the program’s complete requirements and information. 

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