Psychology Degree

A Psychology Degree Broadens Your Career Options

The College of Education at Governors State University offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Psychology degree programs as well as an Educational Specialist in School Psychology.  Our undergraduate curriculum is aligned with the American Psychological Association’s undergraduate Psychology learning goals and gives students the knowledge, methods, and applications required to advance in the field.

Prepare for Your Future with a Psychology Degree

While pursuing your undergraduate psychology degree, you will be able to select one of four concentrations to further advance your studies and prepare for graduate training in specialized areas of psychology. One of the concentrations is Forensic Psychology, which focuses on the application of the science and profession of psychology in the criminal justice and legal systems. The Industrial/Organizational Psychology concentration focuses on the study of psychological principles in business settings. 

Our third selection is Mindfulness Studies, which focuses on recent trends in research and practice that utilize mindfulness  to understand the human mind and to  help people reduce stress while enhancing self-awareness and well-being. Our last concentration is Pre-Clinical Psychology, which is focused on preparing students for graduate training in clinical psychology, counseling, and related fields. Please see the Psychology, Bachelor of Arts web page for more information and complete requirements. 

For undergraduates, a psychology degree can be an important first step to opening up a wide range of career opportunities. By leveraging your educational training, you will be able to find jobs that offer intellectual, emotional, and financial rewards. 

GSU is a diverse learning community and we welcome students of all ages and backgrounds. In our effort to keep the university accessible to students, our undergraduate tuition is the lowest of any 4-year college in Illinois.

Governors State University invites you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website. In addition, take the time to learn about our student activities, cultural amenities and our gifted faculty. Come join our community to earn your undergraduate or graduate psychology degree.

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