How to Speak English Fluently

How to Speak English Fluently - Improve Your Skills

It is important for the academic success of a college student to learn how to speak English fluently.  For students wishing to speak English confidently, just taking a course offered once a week is not adequate preparation to learn the language.  Research indicates that one of the best ways to learn how to speak English is to become immersed in the language and practice, practice, practice.  Each time you learn a new word, try using it in a sentence, and then repeat it frequently until it becomes part of your vocabulary. 

Learn How to Speak English Fluently – GSU’s Quality Programs

You must incorporate reading, writing and listening skills to your practice in order to learn how to speak English fluently.  Your goal is to be able to communicate freely and express your feelings, thoughts and intentions in English.  And while you can learn a lot by listening to others, it is important to practice conversing in English.  Remember learning a language is not easy so have confidence in your skills and do not be afraid to make a mistake.

At our School of Extended Learning’s American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI), we serve the needs of international and U.S. students that have an interest in improving their English language skills.  The ALCI services include private tutoring, workshops, community outreach programs, socialization opportunities, as well as an Intensive ESL Program and Summer Young Adult Program.

The Intensive ESL Program offers a curriculum that is designed and taught by a professional faculty to prepare students academically, socially, and culturally for success as university students.  The program is available year-round.  Our Summer Young Adult Program is for international students between the ages of 15 and 25.  It provides students the opportunity to receive English language instruction, workshops on American culture and history as well as cultural excursions.

For detailed information regarding our programs and services, please see the ALCI web pages or talk to an ALCI advisor.

We invite you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  You will discover a highly diverse student body made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds and courses that are taught by gifted professors.  At GSU we also provide international and U.S. students whose first language is other than English, excellent programs to learn how to speak English fluently. 

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