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At the School of Extended Learning’s American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI), we serve international and U.S. students who want to improve their English language skills with a variety of excellent ESL resources.  The ALCI’s wide range of services include private tutoring, workshops, community outreach programs, socialization opportunities, as well as an Intensive ESL Program and Summer Young Adult Program.  The focus of the ALCI is to provide English Language Learners the assistance they require to ensure academic success.  As GSU is home to a diverse population with representation from countries around the globe, the ALCI works closely with the Office of International Services to offer broad based support for our university community.

ESL Resources Designed for Academic Success

Many of our ESL resources are designed to improve students’ performance at the university level such as our Intensive ESL Program and the Summer Young Adult Program.  The Intensive ESL Program is a year-round program that prepares students academically, socially, and culturally for success as university students.  GSU’s Summer Young Adult Program gives students the opportunity to receive English language instruction, workshops on American culture and history as well as interesting excursions and activities.  It is intended for international students between the ages of 15 and 25. 

The ALCI also recognizes the importance of the faculty’s contribution to the success of our English Language Learners.  To that end, we work with the Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Center to create programming for faculty that is interested in improving their pedagogy as related to English Language Learners.  In addition the ALCI provides summer programs for international faculty who are interested in improving their English and learning about American university pedagogy and research practices.

Another of the ALCI’s activities is to coordinate with The Knowledge Exchange as well as other community organizations to provide English assistance for retired community members.   As you will discover, Governors State has an abundance of ESL resources open to students, the faculty and the community. 

We invite you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  You will discover a highly diverse student body made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds and courses that are taught by gifted professors.  GSU’s American Language and Culture Institute provides international and U.S. students whose first language is other than English a variety of excellent ESL resources.

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