Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership

Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership Offers Leadership Expertise

Governors State’s exceptional Interdisciplinary Leadership Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) degree program prepares advanced leaders who are equipped to meet real-world problems and issues with sophisticated, multi-dimensional perspectives.  Our doctorate program consists of core courses in leadership, research, planning, communication, globalism and finance, as well as a choice of advanced study in one of four concentrations.  The Interdisciplinary Leadership doctorate program is fully accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission.  

Discover our Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership Program

Our doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership degree consists of a minimum of 60 hours with 33 hours required in one of the four concentrations, which include:

    • Higher Education Administration
    • Superintendent (P-12)
    • Not for Profit/ Social Entrepreneurship Leadership
    • Public Safety Leadership. 

      Upon completion of the required course work, students must also pass the written and oral Qualifying Exams before they advance to candidacy.  

      The Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership concentration offers exciting and challenging course work. Courses include:  Leadership in Colleges & Universities and Theories of Teaching & Learning in Adult Ed.  The concentration also offers the opportunity for Independent Study in Higher Education.  Furthermore to address the needs of busy professionals, all of the courses are offered online or in a hybrid format (part online, part face-to-face).   

      The mandatory culminating capstone project synthesizes the knowledge and skill gained by students and involves planning, implementation, completion, and oral defense of a comprehensive practicum project.  It will consist of quantitative or qualitative inquiry into a topic of interest related to the student’s primary area of study.  In addition a doctoral committee reviews the project from the inception to its final defense.  You will find all of the information and requirements listed on the Interdisciplinary Leadership web page

      We invite you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  GSU has a highly diverse student body made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds and our courses are taught by gifted professors.  Governors State offers a program that prepares educators for administrative leadership with a degree from the Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D in Higher Education.

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