Doctor of Nursing Practice

Earn Your Doctor of Nursing Practice to Advance Professionally

Today, more than ever, nurses play an increasingly important role in our dynamic healthcare environment.  By earning your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, you will assume a leadership position and be able to effect meaningful change.  GSU’s Department of Nursing offers an exceptional program that allows applicants to matriculate at two entry points: post baccalaureate or post master’s degree with a major in nursing.  The DNP program focuses on the care of vulnerable populations and prepares nurses to address the challenges of local, regional, and national healthcare reform.  

Our Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Offers Exceptional Training

The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a professional practice doctorate and provides students a choice of four advanced concentrations that include: Community Behavior, Direct Practice, Leadership/Administration and Practitioner/Educator. Students are given the knowledge and skills they need to accept leadership responsibilities within a variety of healthcare settings. All of our outstanding nursing programs focus on providing quality, holistic care, creating healing environments and building caring communities. 

Keep in mind that our program is very competitive and we are limited to the number of students that we can accept.  To apply to the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, you will need to use the NursingCAS service, which is a nationwide, centralized application system.  The Web-based service permits nurses to apply to any number of participating programs by completing a common application.    

Our DNP program was first offered in 2008 and accreditation/approval to grant the degree was bestowed by the Illinois Board of Higher Education in December, 2007, and approved by the Higher Learning Commission.  The GSU Nursing faculty is participating in the candidacy process toward accreditation of the DNP program through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Please see our Doctor of Nursing Practice web pages for more information and the complete degree requirements.

We invite you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  You will find we have a highly diverse student body made up of individuals of all ages and backgrounds and our courses are taught by gifted professors.  Learn more about the Department of Nursing’s exceptional programs and acquire the knowledge and skills to assume leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings with your Doctor of Nursing Practice. 

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